All of the Pandora Papers investigations in Tunisia

More than 11.9 million documents leaked from offshore financial firms. This investigation, conducted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) in partnership with nearly 150 media outlets worldwide, including inkyfada, is the largest journalistic collaboration in history to date.

Soil fracturing: Perenco's hazardous operations in Tunisia

In Kebili, the Franco-British company Perenco has been exploiting non-conventional hydrocarbons for over a decade. Taking advantage of the vague Tunisian legislative framework, Perenco is putting the local environment and health at risk. The investigation was conducted in collaboration with the French media outlet Blast.
| 11 January 2022

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I'm Gabs!

Nadia 34, web editor and divorced mother, 2820 dinars per month

It's 6pm, and Nadia is navigating the traffic as fast as she can. She just finished work and picked her daughter up from school, but she has to hurry: two women are expecting her in an hour for a private English class. Between her work, her daughter and her other activities, her day to day life is not easy.
| 13 September 2021

Mahmoud, 28 years old, petrol smuggler, 7200 dinars per month

Mahmoud* is 28 years old. The young man is not very tall but well-built and clean-cut, which comes in handy in his line of work: smuggling petrol.
| 30 August 2021

Chedli, 51 years old, manager of a car parts shop, 17,000 dinars per month

The phone never stops ringing. To have a conversation with Chedli*, you have to be patient and accept that you will be interrupted every five minutes. Chedli, 51, is a car parts dealer in Tunis who runs three shops, including a wholesale outlet.
| 04 July 2021

"Women on borrowed time, from abuse to femicide": the new podcast series by inkyfada

On December 13, 2021, inkyfada podcast published the first episode of the new series:"Women on borrowed time, from abuse to femicide" , telling the stories of women who have been victims of violence, some of which led to their death. Inkyfada podcast highlights these tragedies, the extent of which is underestimated considering the lack of official numbers on femicides in Tunisia.
| 14 December 2021

What is at stake at Cop26?

To understand what is at stake during the COP26, which is currently being held in Glasgow until November 12, 2021, inkyfada reviews the key issues in the fight against climate change, and takes stock of the commitments announced by the member states.
| 16 November 2021

The COVID-19 crisis

A virus spreads and paralyzes the whole world. How is the health sector facing this pandemic, what policies should be implemented, what economic stimulus is planned? Like everywhere else, Tunisia is trying to confront the crisis. While half of the world's population is confined, the whole system is turned upside down.

Pandora Papers | The Offshore Company of Khaled Babbou, the President of Rugby Africa

For four years, Khaled Babbou (president of Rugby Africa since 2019), has maintained an offshore company in Belize, resulting in his name appearing in the Pandora Papers.
| 02 November 2021

Pandora Papers | The Offshore Company of Sadok Mzabi, One of Tunisia's Largest Fortunes

While his brothers Moncef and Mzoughi Mzabi have already been identified through investigations by the ICIJ and inkyfada, this time it is Sadok Mzabi's name that appears in the Pandora Papers. 
| 02 November 2021

At COP26, climate finance is a matter of justice

At COP26, the countries of the South are calling for the establishment of a financial framework to help them cope with the consequences of climate change. As the end of the conference approaches, negotiations remain tense and hopes of finding a satisfactory consensus are diminishing.
| 10 November 2021

Pandora Papers | Who are the 9 main Tunisians implicated?

Inkyfada investigated the 9 key players out of the 30 Tunisians who were mentioned in the Pandora Papers for using ambiguous arrangements to open offshore companies in tax havens. Through the many leaked documents, several businessmen, political figures and fugitives were able to be identified.

Pandora Papers | Belhassen Trabelsi's former associate, Lazhar Sta - from tax havens to prison

Lazhar Sta is one of the Tunisians who were identified by inkyfada as part of the Pandora Papers. In 2018, while he was being prosecuted in Tunisia and placed under a travel ban, he managed to recover one of his companies set up in the British Virgin Islands, and his "dormant account".
| 28 October 2021

Pandora Papers | On the run since 2011 - Belhassen Trabelsi continues to operate in tax havens

Three companies in Panama in 2016, and an attempt to reinstate two other companies in the British Virgin Islands in 2012... Belhassen Trabelsi continues to operate in tax havens, while Tunisia seeks his extradition.
| 28 October 2021

Pandora Papers | One of the country's largest fortunes - Rached Horchani and the millions of hidden dollars

What is the link between Manar Tuna, the Habitat Bank, and a company hidden in the Virgin Islands, transferring millions of dollars? The discreet multimillionaire Rached Horchani, head of one of the most prolific business groups in Tunisia, could not resist the call of the tax havens. 
| 21 October 2021

Building a democratic structure from the ground up: what is Kaïs Saïed's state plan?

On September 22, 2021, Kaïs Saïed published a presidential decree announcing that the President of the Republic was in charge of carrying out draft amendments related to political reforms, as part of the exceptional measures adopted on July 25, 2021. These infographics review Kaïs Saïed's state project and his vision for the political system, 
| 21 October 2021

Pandora Papers | From London to Malibu, 106 Million Dollars Worth of Luxury Properties Acquired by the King of Jordan

Between 2003 and 2017, the King of Jordan purchased 14 luxury properties in the United States and the United Kingdom estimated to be worth around 106 million dollars. For nearly 15 years, Abdullah II was able to conceal these real estate investments through a network of offshore companies based in Panama and the British Virgin Islands.
| 14 October 2021