At the Heart of Human Trafficking Networks in Libya

| 01 December 2020 | 15 minutes
"Even from here in Agadez, I could have you sold over in Libya. Because all the smugglers who are here know the good and bad drivers. They know very well who to turn to if they want to sell their migrants”, says Abdoulaye*, a migrant turned smuggler in the north of Niger. Although he says that it is not his intention, the migrants that he sends to Libya sometimes end up in human trafficking networks.

In Italy, the obscure deportation process of tunisian migrants

| 26 November 2020 | 10 minutes
Renegotiated in August 2020, a bilateral agreement between Tunisia and Italy authorises Rome to repatriate Tunisian migrants. As has been denounced by civil society, the vagueness of the procedure allows authorities to deport migrants without them knowing their rights or being given the possibility of applying for asylum. This is an account of a journey in reverse; from Italy to Tunisia.  

How Tunisian Athlete Habiba Ghribi Fell Victim to the Laxity of International Banks

| 20 September 2020 | 12 minutes
What is the link between Olympic champion Habiba Ghribi and the U.S. Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)? Based on confidential reports, this investigation reveals how U.S. banks took years to report suspicious transfers amounting to millions of dollars linked to one of the biggest doping scandals in the history of sport. The Tunisian athlete is one of the main victims of this injustice.

China Cables: China’s Operating Manuals For Mass Internment And Arrest By Algorithm

| 28 November 2019 | 20 minutes
A new leak of highly classified Chinese government documents reveals the operations manual for running the mass detention camps in Xinjiang and exposed the mechanics of the region’s system of mass surveillance.

Back to Tunisia, from the Islamic State

| 30 August 2019 | 15 minutes

In the al-Roj camp in northern Syria, hundreds of women wait in anguish under Kurdish watch. Since the decline of the Islamic State, many of the women who crossed borders to join the group are seeking to return to their countries of origin, by any means necessary. Several Tunisians figure among the captives. 

Implant Files: The downplayed risks of breast implants and medical tourism

| 07 January 2019 | 15 minutes

Despite recent scandals, the breast implants market continues to grow across the globe. In Tunisia’s developing medical tourism industry, service providers take advantage of this trend. Are patients made aware of the risks involved? Implant Files investigates.

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