“Beyond the Dates” is a series of articles focusing on key dates in Tunisia's contemporary history. The series aims to reconstruct the narrative of individual and collective memories, through the lens of a particular context or a nationally significant event.
History and Legacies
October 1, 1985. The day the Israeli occupation army bombed Tunisia
| 01 October 2021 | 15 minutes
"I saw the airplanes. They were grey and the lights around them were crackling like photographers’ flashes. Four planes carried out the bombings. Then two more arrived. After that the group of six planes took off again towards the sea". (Le Temps, October 2, 1985)
History and Legacies
June 1, 1955. The Making of a National Hero
| 01 June 2021 | 20 minutes
On the first of June 1955, the port of La Goulette welcomed a human tide that had come to celebrate the arrival of Habib Bourguiba, president of the Neo-Destour party, after his three-year absence. To the naked eye, the vast public celebration seemed to have spontaneously erupted, but the day had in fact been orchestrated down to the very last detail by the nationalist party.
History and Legacies
April 9, 1938. An Expression of Anti-Colonial Anger
| 09 April 2021 | 15 minutes
A powerful anti-colonial demonstration broke out in Tunis - completely out of the blue. April 9, 1938 was the culmination of a series of responses to relentless colonial repression. 
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