Episode 1: How was the list conceived?

| 25 June 2021 | 7 minutes
After 10 years in the making, the official list of martyrs and wounded of the Revolution was finally published in the State Journal on March 19, 2021. In it, the State recognised 129 martyrs and 634 wounded. Who was responsible for creating this list? How was it conceived? What does it include? In the first episode of this series, Inkyfada aims to clarify these questions and uncover the background of this list that strikes the very heart of the Tunisian collective memory.

Episode 2: A list published after a 10 year wait - but why the delay?

| 07 June 2021 | 10 minutes
"How was the list drawn up? What were the working conditions? This was all confidential. The work was confidential until the last minute" - Indeterminate delays, lack of political will, vagueness surrounding clear and official definitions, the obscure process... The creation of the list of martyrs and wounded of the Revolution has been full of hurdles. This second episode retraces the blunders that left the victims waiting for an entire decade. 

'Harga': A TV-series intertwined with an IOM deterrance campaign

| 11 May 2021 | 12 minutes
A mother in search of her missing son, migrants who are disappointed after a tumultuous crossing, and a European border policy that remains largely concealed - these were some of the themes featured in the Harga soap opera that aired during Ramadan 2021. Thanks to European funding and support by the IOM (International Organisation for Migration), the series was used by the latter as part of a larger scheme of deterring irregular migration.

In numbers. Arbitrary arrests and violence... A month of repressed demonstrations

| 03 March 2021 | 10 minutes
Countless demonstrations have been taking place throughout the country since January 14, 2021. According to official sources, nearly 1,000 people have been arrested during these demonstrations in less than a month. Inkyfada takes a look at the repression methods and human rights violations directed towards the protesters. Many of them, including minors, recount beatings, assaults and intimidation methods during arrests.

All you need to know about Covid-19 vaccinations in Tunisia

| 02 March 2021 | 7 minutes
Pfizer, Sputnik V or AstraZeneca/Oxford - which vaccines will be administered in Tunisia against Covid-19? Who will be vaccinated first? When will it start? Inkyfada provides you with the latest information.

El Kamour, Protests Continue Amid the Crackdown

| 30 July 2020 | 7 minutes

On the night of June 20-21, just before midnight, police officers dismantled the camps of the El Kamour demonstrators in the Tataouine region, leading to scenes of violence between the police and the protesters. For three years, El Kamour has been in a deadlock.

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