Borders and Migration

Confronted by the impenetrable wall of the European fortress, the migratory routes are causing more and more victims. Considered as a security threat, the matter of migration has become a priority in the framework of Euro-Mediterranean policies, often to the expense of the Southern countries.
Borders and Migration
"We’re at the mercy of everyone": Sub-Saharan Africans facing racist violence in Tunisia
| 02 March 2023 | 15 minutes
"We're living in fear". Many sub-Saharans have been living in a state of constant dread ever since the President issued a statement against sub-Saharan immigration. Afraid for their lives, Anna, Pierre, Mélissa, and many others have gone into hiding in their homes. Within a couple of days, hundreds, if not thousands, of them have lost their housings, jobs or have been attacked. Testimonies.
Borders and Migration
Serbia: Why the last European country is stopping visa-free travels for Tunisian citizens
| 21 November 2022 | 7 minutes
Serbia was the last country in Europe where Tunisian citizens could travel visa-free. Starting from November 20, Tunisians now need a visa to enter the small country in Eastern Europe. Why did Serbia change its visa policy? And what role does the European Union play in this?
Borders and Migration
Across Africa, families of migrants lost at sea join forces for comfort and justice
| 01 November 2022 | 10 minutes
In West and North Africa, survivors of migrants who've vanished have come together to support each other and pay tribute to their family members. But above all, they're trying any means possible to find out the truth and get justice after years of silence.
Borders and Migration
Immigration through Serbia, the new hope for the youth of Tataouine
| 05 September 2022 | 15 minutes
"Nothing pushes you to take the bitter option like having a worse bitter option. Our country is suffering from unemployment and my son dreams, like his peers, to have a family. Irregular migration is easier than staying here and watching people develop while he is helpless and humiliated by the lack of resources. I will not wait until I see him hang himself," he said. With these words, Mahmoud summarizes his motives in raising money for his son, to travel in an irregular migration, or harqa "burn" in the Tunisian colloquial Arabic, through Serbia to France, following the path of hundreds of young people from the state of Tataouine.
Borders and Migration
From Zarzis to Tunis, exiles demonstrate against the lack of UNHCR protection
| 23 April 2022 | 15 minutes
Faced with a lack of adequate protection from the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), protesting exiles are demanding to be evacuated from Tunisia. After occupying the agency's offices in Zarzis for several weeks, they gathered "to assert [their] rights and get assistance" in front of the Tunis headquarters.
Borders and Migration
Confronted with war, Tunisians flee Ukraine
| 03 March 2022 | 7 minutes
With the advent of war, hundreds of Tunisians decided to leave Ukraine, fleeing the fighting and bombing.
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