Who We Are

Inkyfada is an independent, nonprofit media group founded in 2014 by a team of journalists, developers, and graphic designers with the goal of supporting the public interest through innovative journalistic content.

With a particular focus on investigation, contextualization, and data visualization, Inkyfada produces content that helps a diverse readership understand and engage in the politics that impact their lives. Constructed with ongoing collaboration between journalists, developers, and graphic designers, Inkyfada’s publications offer readers accessible and enriching content.

Inkyfada fully assumes its role as a counter-power against all injustices that flow from the corruption and impunity of the powers that be. In a media landscape inundated with incomplete and biased narratives, Inkyfada strives to set the standard for high-quality and justice-oriented reporting. An advocate of inclusive storytelling, Inkyfada was the first media group in Tunisia to write exclusively with gender-sensitive language on its French-language platform.

Whether through processing thousands of data points or recounting an individual story, revealing a scandal or breaking down a complex subject, Inkyfada uses all of the media and technology tools at its disposal to share information in a forward-thinking, understandable, and empowering way.

Inkyfada is based in Tunis, Tunisia.

Our Work


Data visualization


Departing from the traditional, Inkyfada’s process for creating journalistic content is founded on ongoing collaboration across the editorial, research and development, and design teams.

Committed to unearthing information concealed from the general public, the Inkyfada team places new findings against the backdrops that matter and presents them in easy-to-consume and often interactive visual or audio forms.

Inkyfada’s audience can choose from long-form exposés, explanatory articles, illustrated narratives, interactive maps, audio and video documentaries, photo essays, podcasts, and more.

With the support of the InkyLab research and development team, Inkyfada continues to design new avenues for a diverse readership to engage with contextualized, reliable, and impactful information.

Our Technology

Inku.be is a publishing platform that enables journalists to independently integrate multimedia content onto their online platforms. The inku.be tool was co-designed by Inkyfada’s editorial staff and research and development department (InkyLab) and is built to accommodate diverse - and ever-evolving - types of journalistic content.

Inku.be has become an integral component of Inkyfada’s business model and has been adopted by online editors around the world.

InkyLab builds community tools that facilitate the spread of innovative journalistic content.

Our Model

Inkyfada is exclusively funded by its parent organization, Al Khatt. Al Khatt is a nonprofit organization that generates more than half of its revenue through professional activities such as workshops, educational programs for media groups, website and software development, etc.

Al Khatt does not pursue ads-based funding, nor does it receive funding from sources that seek to influence editorial independence. Al Khatt aims to support the human capital and technological tools necessary for a high quality, independent production through a sustainable and increasingly economically self-sufficient growth model.