Photo essays

"You may now shoot the newlyweds"
| 30 January 2023 | 10 minutes
Wedding photography, for both those who have chosen a pairing, and for all their families around them, provides tangible memories that do not wear out. And on the shoulders of the one who is entrusted with immortalizing this moment, which will soon disappear in the blink of an eye, lies the responsibility of mastering it. It is in this place and time that Amine Landoulsi takes his closer look as a correspondent.
Kerkennah, A Land of the Sea
| 30 January 2023 | 15 minutes
In the Kerkennah Islands, life revolves in the orbit of fishing, which is more than just an economic activity; it is rather the backbone of the archipelago. Faced with the threat posed by overexploitation and global warming, photographer Dureid Al-Suweisi explores the island's world and its uncertain future.
A Dog’s Life
| 30 January 2023 | 10 minutes
Upon the increased spreading of stray dogs, who are considered to be sometimes carriers of diseases and others a vicious source of fear, some municipalities see shooting them down with arms as a solution, while Kais Ben Farhat chose to shoot with his Camera.
"From the Other Side"
| 11 June 2015 | 10 minutes
They lost their sons, grandsons or husbands while trying to reach Europe by boat. A photo series of the women whose lives have been put on hold.
Tunisia's Politics
Legislative Elections 2014: Voting Day, in Pictures
| 27 October 2014 | 10 minutes
A look back at the legislative elections in Tunisia on the 26th of October
Inkyfada Landing Image

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