"From the Other Side"

They lost their sons, grandsons or husbands while trying to reach Europe by boat. A photo series of the women whose lives have been put on hold.

Written by | 11 June 2015 | reading-duration 10 minutes

In partnership with the Tunisian Forum for Economic and Social Rights and the Rosa Luxembourg Foundation, photographer Aymen Omrani met with twenty women from across Tunisia who have been waiting for years to find out whether their sons, grandsons or husbands died trying to reach the other side or whether they managed to get through. What has become of these men?

This action, launched by the FTDES, was carried out in the framework of the Boats4People coalition, which brings together European and African associations that defend the rights of migrants at sea and advocate for freedom of movement for all. 

Inkyfada joined this initiative by sharing twelve of the sixty photos included in the exhibition which took place in June 2015 in support of these women’s efforts to get answers from the authorities.