Privacy policy

Personal data and cookies

inkyfada is committed to protecting all our user data in accordance with the provisions of law no. 2004-63 from July 27, 2004, concerning the protection of personal data.   

What kind of data do we collect about you and under what circumstances do we gather it?

The data that you transmit directly to us

During the various contacts we have with you, you may be asked to provide us with information about yourself. This data is collected in particular when you subscribe, create an account on our websites and applications, or access any other offer or service.

Such information includes:  

  • E-mail address;
  • Name, last name, date of birth, country, photo, gender (optional);
  • Username and encrypted password used to login to our websites or applications;
  • Any other information you choose to share with us.

If you sign in via Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, the data includes:

  • Email,
  • First and last name
  • Photo

The data we collect automatically

Each time you visit our websites and mobile applications, we collect information about your connection and navigation. Various technologies may be used to collect this data. We generically refer to them as "cookies".

The purpose of cookies

What is a cookie?

Cookies are text files that are automatically saved on the hard disk by the browser when a user accesses a website. Cookies were developed to improve the user experience, and to allow websites to remember users, and have played an important role in the development of the internet as we know it today. Cookies carry neither malware nor viruses, and each cookie has an expiry date, which can vary depending on the site. 

The cookies stored by inkyfada based on your choices give us access to the following information in particular:

  • IDs of the equipment you are using ( computer IP address, Android ID, Apple ID, etc.),
  • Type of operating system used by your terminal (Microsoft Windows, Apple Os, Linux, Unix, BeOS, Android, iOS, etc.),
  • Type and version of the browser software used by your terminal (Microsoft Internet Explorer, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.),
  • Dates and times of access to our services,
  • Address of the Internet page from which you were directed ("referrer"),
  • Browsing data on our services, content viewed.

How does inkyfada use your cookies?

The cookies used by inkyfada enable us to adapt the information site to the display preferences of your device, or as customised by you in your account.  

Cookies also help you by storing and filling in your form data, for easy access to your login and password. In addition, they allow us to better secure your account by requiring you to re-identify yourself after a given period of inactivity on your interface.  

The cookies used on our site therefore enable us to:  

  • to optimise the presentation of our site according to the display preferences of your device (language used, display resolution, operating system used, etc.);
  • to memorise information related to forms you have filled in on our site (registration, authentication or login details) or to products, services or information you have selected on our site;
  • to access restricted and private areas of our site, such as your account, using identifiers or data that you have previously provided to us;
  • to improve security measures, for example when the user is asked to re-enter log-in information after a certain period of time of inactivity;
  • to produce statistics and gather visitor data pertaining to the use of our site, in order to improve the user experience, the site navigation and other functionalities;
  • Finally, cookies allow us to provide you with statistics on how you use the inkyfada website.

How can you protect yourself?

No cookie can be stored on your computer without your consent. Every browser offers its user several degrees of parameterisation of cookie management. If you accept cookies via your browser, they can only be read by the sender.  

You can also configure your browser so that it rejects cookies. However, in this case certain personalised features of the website will not be available. inkyfada assumes no responsibility for the consequences on website functionality and possible reduction in user experience due to rejecting cookies.

Right of access, correction and deletion

The user may access, update, modify or request the deletion of data concerning them, in accordance with the procedure set out below:

The user must send an email, specifying the subject of their request and using the contact email address. 

If the user has one, they have the right to request the deletion of their personal space by following the procedure below:

The user must send an email to the personal data controller, specifying their personal space email. The data deletion request will then be processed within 30 business days.