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Environmental Challenges
Marine pollution, a Tunisian scourge: Jeans industries destroy the marine ecosystem in the Ksibet El-Mediouni Bay
| 03 November 2023 | 15 minutes
The Made in Tunisia clothes industry for the European market consumes large amounts of water and pollutes Tunisia’s coastline. In Ksibet El Mediouni, the population is paying the price of the environmental cost of fast fashion. 
Rights and Freedoms
Hunger strike: opposition fights to ensure "prisoners' cause wouldn't be forgotten"
| 16 October 2023 | 10 minutes
From his prison cell, opposition politician Jawher Ben Mbarek went on a two-week hunger strike to protest against his imprisonment. Many political figures, from the Islamic bloc to the democratic left, gradually followed suit. Although his strike was suspended after he was hospitalized, it still made its mark on the opposition, which has been increasingly critical of Kais Saied's rule.
Rights and Freedoms
"Every shift is like hell": seasonal workers in tourism industry
| 27 August 2023 | 10 minutes
Good food, beaches, bars, fun. This is what summer looks like for many tourists coming to Tunisia to spend their holidays here. But the season, seen from the perspective of seasonal workers, takes on a very different look. In total contrast with the picture postcard scenery, the summer season for people employed in the tourism sector implies long, tiring, and poorly-paid shifts behind the scenes. 
Borders and Migration
“Perpetuating Apartheid”: Sub-Saharan Africans in Sfax hunted down, attacked and forcibly deported
| 09 July 2023 | 20 minutes
"Sfax bears witness to a crime against humanity". In the heart of the city, hundreds of Sub-Saharan Africans have been left to fend for themselves, after having been evicted from their homes and even assaulted. Many others have been driven into the desert in extremely inhumane conditions, amid the applause of local residents.
Borders and Migration
Getting a Schengen Visa, a humiliating journey
| 22 June 2023 | 20 minutes
A large number of Tunisians express a sense of humiliation when going through the visa application process. Inconsistent appointments, endless paperwork and unexplained rejections are common. In this report, inkyfada has compiled accounts from several individuals who share a collective feeling of frustration and dissatisfaction with the unfair visa system.
Borders and Migration
Transporters between Tunisia and Europe : a risky but growing business
| 12 April 2023 | 10 minutes
Many private transporters move goods of all kinds between Tunisia and Europe. Most of them, however, operate illegally and risk being arrested by customs. This profitable business has developed thanks to the thousands of Tunisians who rely on it, despite the absence of any protection against fraud and scams. 
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