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Getting treated for Covid-19 in a private clinic, but at what cost?

15 December 2020 | Photography
“I can’t afford to pay!” cries out Fadhila as she discovers her husband’s medical bill. Having caught Covid-19, he spent two weeks in an intensive care unit in a private clinic in Greater Tunis. The clinic in question is now billing him more than 20,000 dinars in expenses. Overcharging, lack of transparency and harassment - Inkyfada has gathered the testimonies of several families and healthcare professionals.  

The Impossible Return of the Tunisians who Died in France

21 May 2020 |
With international borders closed, the families of 134 Tunisians have lost the chance to repatriate their loved ones who died in France due to COVID-19-related complications. Obligated to bury them on the spot, many were unable to honor their family members’ final wishes.

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