Economy and Finances
The Spain Street's informal market: Tribal roots of a parallel economy
| 27 April 2023 | 30 minutes
Nestled in Tunisia's capital, the Spain Street market operates as an informal one, offering affordable goods to the working classes while vendors enduring daily encounters with the police. Behind this apparent chaos lies a tightly organized system sustained by tribal solidarity. What attracts these vendors to Spain Street? Why did they choose this location over others? What led them here? Inkyfada delves into this realm through the study "The Spain Street market or the essence of a street economy in Tunisia" published in October 2022 by the Tunisian Forum for Social and Economic Rights (FTDES).
Police Violence
Number of deaths caused by police violence, since 2011
| 20 March 2022
Numerous Tunisians have lost their lives as a result of excessive police violence. Virtually none of these victims have had access to a fair trial. Instead, evidence and testimonies are lost in the intricate web of the judicial system. Most of these cases have yet to pass the preliminary research or investigation stage, reflecting a recurring pattern of impunity.
The Dilemma of The Antiterrorist Justice System
| 04 December 2020
This illustrated series is an original dive into the inner workings of the Tunisian antiterrorist justice system. The series is an extension of the documentary " Daech, le dilemme de la justice", and is comprised of investigations and interviews compiled over the course of two years, in an attempt to shed light on the issues of the Tunisian anti-terrorism agenda. Our team at Inkyfada managed to obtain unprecedented permission to depict the trials of terrorism-related cases in Tunisia. They had access to the inner workings of the courthouse, conducting exclusive interviews with the Tunisian judges and lawyers in charge of high-profile cases. These 5 episodes aim to explore the multiple facets of jihadism and antiterrorism mechanisms in Tunisia: covering the trials at the Tunis courthouse to the origins of this systemic 'disaster', as well as the risks involved in detainment and arbitrary control measures, and the repatriation of Tunisians detained in conflict zones.
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