The struggle for the right of return

From the 1948 Nakba to the violent Israeli bombings in the Gaza Strip in October 2023, Palestinians have been engaged in a decades-long struggle against the occupation and the apartheid regime enforced by the Israeli state.

25th of July review

The aftermath of the coup

Two years have gone by since July 25, 2021, when President Kaïs Saied took a decision that turned the entire country upside down, seizing all powers for himself. In this series, Inkyfada looks back at the political, social and economic aftermath of this coup, which has had repercussions on the construction of democracy, rights and freedoms, and civic space more generally, not to mention the management of an unprecedented economic crisis and a populist discourse that he has not stopped propagating over these two years.


Uncovering the Injustices of the Visa Industry

Preferred Service Provider for Visa Applications to Multiple European Countries outsourcing this service, TLScontact has been continuously growing. Many Tunisians perceive the visa application procedure as a humiliation. In addition to these discriminatory practices, the company seems to employ a tax optimization scheme through Luxembourg.
The societies we live in today are mostly governed by two main forces: the state and the market. However, beyond these two dominant concepts, there is another way to share and govern resources - the Commons. They are self-organized social systems, which emerge when communities dedicate themselves to sharing and managing wealth in fair and sustainable ways.
A virus spreads and paralyzes the whole world. How is the health sector facing this pandemic, what policies should be implemented, what economic stimulus is planned? Like everywhere else, Tunisia is trying to confront the crisis. While half of the world's population is confined, the whole system is turned upside down.
On July 25, 2021, the President of the Republic, Kaïs Saied, applied Article 80, dismissing the Head of Government, suspending all the activities of the National Assembly, and seizing full powers. What are the implications of such a decision? What are the possible consequences? Inkyfada has attempted to review the consequences and uncertainties that developed as a result of July 25.
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