The struggle for the right of return

From the 1948 Nakba to the violent Israeli bombings in the Gaza Strip in October 2023, Palestinians have been engaged in a decades-long struggle against the occupation and the apartheid regime enforced by the Israeli state.

In France, "supporting Palestine makes us terrorists"

Over the past few days, Western pro-Israel policies - France's in particular - have caused a stir in every corner of the globe. By choosing to exploit the conflict and ban pro-Palestine demonstrations, French Minister of the Interior Gérald Darmanin stands at the forefront of a policy that not only jeopardizes the fundamental right to protest, but also affects foreigners, who are now feeling unsafe as he threatens to deport them.
| 26 October 2023

Tunisia-Palestine: a strong, yet limited support

Tunisia has always been a passionate supporter of the Palestinian cause, whether through its international stance or its unwillingness to normalize relations with Israel. Since the war broke out on October 7, there has been a remarkable surge of solidarity. But, for Palestinians living in Tunisia, this support has its limits. Explained.
| 24 October 2023

Palestine: the fight for information

Since the beginning of Israel's attacks on the Gaza Strip, journalists on the ground have been on the front lines, and many of them have already lost their lives. Meanwhile, the media machine in the rest of the world has gone wild, with even the most prominent media outlets spreading fake news. The crisis has given rise to a real battle for information.
| 19 October 2023

October 1, 1985. The day the Israeli occupation army bombed Tunisia

"I saw the airplanes. They were grey and the lights around them were crackling like photographers’ flashes. Four planes carried out the bombings. Then two more arrived. After that the group of six planes took off again towards the sea". (Le Temps, October 2, 1985)
| 01 October 2021