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COVID-19: Masks, the Authorities' Big Slip-Up

13 May 2020 |

"After confinement, everyone will have to wear masks," health minister Abdellatif Mekki said on April 5, contradicting what the authorities had said a few weeks prior. Masks are increasingly found in pharmacies and street stalls but were widely unavailable at the start of the epidemic. Behind the scenes, production is frequently delayed and official guidelines remain unclear.

Implant Files: The downplayed risks of breast implants and medical tourism

07 January 2019 |

Despite recent scandals, the breast implants market continues to grow across the globe. In Tunisia’s developing medical tourism industry, service providers take advantage of this trend. Are patients made aware of the risks involved? Implant Files investigates.

Fayçal, from Jihad to Disillusionment

31 August 2018 |

Fayçal spent more than a year and a half in Syria. Responsible for the distribution of food among rebel groups, his unpublished testimony sheds light on the internal workings of different combatant factions within the Syrian conflict, as well as the daily life and disillusionment of many Tunisians.

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