The societies we live in today are mostly governed by two main forces: the state and the market. However, beyond these two dominant concepts, there is another way to share and govern resources - the Commons. They are self-organized social systems, which emerge when communities dedicate themselves to sharing and managing wealth in fair and sustainable ways.

Dar Emmima, the Garden of Eden for permaculture in Tunisia

In Chebba, Elyes Mkacher has transformed his once abandoned house, nestled between the sea and the olive groves, into a paradise of sustainable living by adopting the permaculture approach. This personal initiative, called Dar Emmima, also fits into the spirit of the "Commons", by making wealth sharing a central and sustainable value.
| 29 March 2023

In Makthar, Kid'Chen project is aiming to ensure the food self-sufficiency of schoolchildren

In Makthar, in the governorate of Siliana, an association has transformed the only middle-school and residential school in the region. From energy autonomy to food self-sufficiency, transmission, and empowerment, a whole system revolving around sharing is being organized.
| 22 March 2023

The "commons", an age-old tradition in Tunisia

"Water here [Tamaghza] is free for everyone! It has always been and always will be!" In many parts of the country, water, land, and other resources are fairly shared between individuals, a far cry from any privatized system. This community-oriented method of pooling and preserving resources has been around for centuries in Tunisia.
| 15 March 2023