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The COVID-19 Epidemic in Tunisia, in Numbers

14 June 2020 |

In Tunisia, the COVID-19 epidemic has shed light on the limits of public hospitals and the health sector in general. More than 3 months after the announcement of the first detected case, and with the borders soon to reopen, the health crisis seems, for the moment, to be under control. A look back at the figures of a crisis that has put both the authorities and the population to the test.

COVID-19: Key Dates in the Management of the Epidemic in Tunisia

15 May 2020 |
Barely two months after the first awareness-raising campaigns against COVID-19, general confinement was announced throughout Tunisia. Since the beginning of the year, the government and national authorities have been trying to prepare for the international health crisis, leading to border closures, curfews, social assistance... Here is a chronological overview of all the measures introduced throughout the country. 

Episode 5: Open Doors

14 May 2020 |

January 14, 2011. Like thousands of others, Bakhta El Cadhi, a trade unionist and feminist activist, and her daughter Haifa Jmour head to the protests. When police violence breaks out, they are separated and obligated to take refuge in different apartments in the city center, just a few dozen meters from each other. But behind the doors of these apartments, their experiences of this historic day will greatly diverge.

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