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The COVID-19 Epidemic in Tunisia, in Numbers

26 February 2021 |
Number of infections and recoveries, death toll, number of intensive care beds available... One year after the beginning of the epidemic, where does Tunisia stand with regard to Covid-19? inkyfada has gathered a large amount of data on the health situation in the country. Using interactive maps and graphic charts, discover all the key figures of the evolution of the epidemic. Article updated regularly.

Tahar, 28 years old, a policeman in debt, 1100 dt a month

01 November 2020 |
Tahar is a security officer. Despite his salary and a few bonuses, he has trouble making ends meet, and has had to take out several consumer credit loans. He chose his carreer path out of "necessity" after the revolution, because "there is no work in the country".

COVID-19: Key Dates in the Management of the Epidemic in Tunisia

15 May 2020 |
Barely two months after the first awareness-raising campaigns against COVID-19, general confinement was announced throughout Tunisia. Since the beginning of the year, the government and national authorities have been trying to prepare for the international health crisis, leading to border closures, curfews, social assistance... Here is a chronological overview of all the measures introduced throughout the country. 
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