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Editor with an eye for feature writing and contextualization. A feminist journalist, I am particularly interested in social movements against systems of domination and the transitional justice process in Tunisia.

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How Tunisian Athlete Habiba Ghribi Fell Victim to the Laxity of International Banks

20 September 2020 |
What is the link between Olympic champion Habiba Ghribi and the U.S. Treasury Department's Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN)? Based on confidential reports, this investigation reveals how U.S. banks took years to report suspicious transfers amounting to millions of dollars linked to one of the biggest doping scandals in the history of sport. The Tunisian athlete is one of the main victims of this injustice.

The Women who Survived at the Foot of Mount Mghilla

10 May 2019 |
In the village of Blahdiya, Fatma makes her way through the crowd gathered to offer their condolences. At her feet lay a grid of newly constructed graves: the final resting place of the Sabbela accident victims. Fatma could have been one of them, but fate had other plans for her. For this farm worker, survival is a daily struggle. 

Children trafficked into domestic servitude: the numbers

24 December 2018 |
According to government records — or the lack thereof — children trafficked into domestic servitude represent one of the most difficult-to-reach groups in Tunisia. Too long trapped behind closed doors, the truth about underage domestic labor is just starting to come out.  
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