Environmental Challenges

Global warming, pollution, chemicals... All over the world, more and more people are sounding the alarm to protect the environment. Farmers, fishermen, breeders are suffocating more and more, crushed by the productivist system. From the air we breathe to the food on our plates, environmental issues have never been more urgent.
Environmental Challenges
Algeria-Tunisia gas pipeline tramples on rights of Tunisian farmers
| 01 December 2023 | 15 minutes
In Kasserine, farmers battle Sergaz, demanding fair compensation and development promises as the pipeline disrupts their lands. Tensions rise as commitments from Italy's ENI remain unmet. Demonstrations erupt, exposing a tale of corporate neglect and the enduring fight for landowner rights.
Environmental Challenges
Marine pollution, a Tunisian scourge: Jeans industries destroy the marine ecosystem in the Ksibet El-Mediouni Bay
| 03 November 2023 | 15 minutes
The Made in Tunisia clothes industry for the European market consumes large amounts of water and pollutes Tunisia’s coastline. In Ksibet El Mediouni, the population is paying the price of the environmental cost of fast fashion. 
Environmental Challenges
In Tunisia, environmental activists on trial
| 18 August 2023 | 7 minutes
 In recent months, environmental activists have been prosecuted and silenced, and grassroots movements have suffered the most. Amid a broader attack on civil rights and liberties, inkyfada takes stock of the obstacles facing environmental activists. Against the backdrop of the worsening climate crisis, they are urgently needed. Yet, increasingly, they are under threat.
Environmental Challenges
TuNur: what lurks in the shadow of the Tunisian sun export to Europe?
| 11 November 2022 | 20 minutes
Exporting the Tunisian sun to Europe has been the ambitious vision of the Tunisian-British company TuNur for the past ten years, as it plans to develop a mega solar power plant in southern Tunisia over the next few years. This project will, however, inevitably have an impact on local communities and resources. As we approach COP27 in Egypt, mounting demands for a just transition model are being voiced.
Environmental Challenges
The Gabes Shipwreck: yet another disaster for the local fishermen
| 05 May 2022 | 15 minutes
The oil tanker that sank off the coast of Gabes has reignited concern regarding oil spills in this already heavily polluted region. The immediate danger is supposedly over, but this does not necessarily reassure the local fishermen: for years their working conditions have been steadily deteriorating due to pollution.
Environmental Challenges
What is at stake at Cop26?
| 16 November 2021 | 10 minutes
To understand what is at stake during the COP26, which is currently being held in Glasgow until November 12, 2021, inkyfada reviews the key issues in the fight against climate change, and takes stock of the commitments announced by the member states.
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