All of the Pandora Papers investigations in Tunisia

More than 11.9 million documents leaked from offshore financial firms. This investigation, conducted by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) in partnership with nearly 150 media outlets worldwide, including inkyfada, is the largest journalistic collaboration in history to date.

Pandora Papers | From one investigation to another, the stagnation of the Justice system

SwissLeaks, Panama Papers, Pandora Papers... Despite the many revelations over the past few years, the Tunisian justice system is still struggling to deal with international tax evasion. Where does Tunisia find itself today, seven years after the first investigation was conducted?
| 24 January 2022

Pandora Papers | From oil drilling to tax haven, Ahmed Bouchamaoui's dealings in the British Virgin Islands

What is the link between hydrocarbon exploitation in North Africa and a company registered in the British Virgin Islands? Ahmed Bouchamaoui. The businessman and heir to the Al Majd Holding group created a subsidiary of his oil group in this tax haven on January 17, 2000. Inkyfada investigated. 
| 11 January 2022

Pandora Papers | Mohamed Allani - A mysterious disappearance and the deep, dark hole of tax havens

Among the Tunisian names that appear in the 11.9 million Pandora Papers’ documents, one in particular stands out, due to the mysterious circumstances. Mohamed Allani, who has been missing since 2004, and his recreational boat, the 'Kilani'.
| 14 November 2021

Pandora Papers | Mohamed Amine Miled, Two Islands to Hide a Boat

How could the young businessman Mohamed Amine Miled enjoy his small recreational boat without paying taxes in Tunisia? Yet another use for tax havens.
| 05 November 2021

Pandora Papers | Ziad Miled's Company in Ras Al-Khaimah - An Increasingly Popular Tax Haven

Ziad Miled, a former Ettakatol executive, gave in to the temptation of tax havens. When he decided to open a consultancy firm, he turned to Ras al-Khaimah, the up-and-coming tax haven of the United Arab Emirates, despite being resident in Tunisia.
| 02 November 2021

Pandora Papers | The Offshore Company of Khaled Babbou, the President of Rugby Africa

For four years, Khaled Babbou (president of Rugby Africa since 2019), has maintained an offshore company in Belize, resulting in his name appearing in the Pandora Papers.
| 02 November 2021

Pandora Papers | The Offshore Company of Sadok Mzabi, One of Tunisia's Largest Fortunes

While his brothers Moncef and Mzoughi Mzabi have already been identified through investigations by the ICIJ and inkyfada, this time it is Sadok Mzabi's name that appears in the Pandora Papers. 
| 02 November 2021

Pandora Papers | Who are the 9 main Tunisians implicated?

Inkyfada investigated the 9 key players out of the 30 Tunisians who were mentioned in the Pandora Papers for using ambiguous arrangements to open offshore companies in tax havens. Through the many leaked documents, several businessmen, political figures and fugitives were able to be identified.

Pandora Papers | Belhassen Trabelsi's former associate, Lazhar Sta - from tax havens to prison

Lazhar Sta is one of the Tunisians who were identified by inkyfada as part of the Pandora Papers. In 2018, while he was being prosecuted in Tunisia and placed under a travel ban, he managed to recover one of his companies set up in the British Virgin Islands, and his "dormant account".
| 28 October 2021

Pandora Papers | On the run since 2011 - Belhassen Trabelsi continues to operate in tax havens

Three companies in Panama in 2016, and an attempt to reinstate two other companies in the British Virgin Islands in 2012... Belhassen Trabelsi continues to operate in tax havens, while Tunisia seeks his extradition.
| 28 October 2021

Pandora Papers | One of the country's largest fortunes - Rached Horchani and the millions of hidden dollars

What is the link between Manar Tuna, the Habitat Bank, and a company hidden in the Virgin Islands, transferring millions of dollars? The discreet multimillionaire Rached Horchani, head of one of the most prolific business groups in Tunisia, could not resist the call of the tax havens. 
| 21 October 2021

Pandora Papers | From London to Malibu, 106 Million Dollars Worth of Luxury Properties Acquired by the King of Jordan

Between 2003 and 2017, the King of Jordan purchased 14 luxury properties in the United States and the United Kingdom estimated to be worth around 106 million dollars. For nearly 15 years, Abdullah II was able to conceal these real estate investments through a network of offshore companies based in Panama and the British Virgin Islands.
| 14 October 2021

Pandora Papers | The King of Jordan, Vladimir Putin - and once again: Mohsen Marzouk - and the world of Tax Havens

The latest investigation by the ICIJ (The International Consortium of Investigative Journalists) and partnering media outlets identifies 956 companies based in tax havens, and more than 330 politicians and officials from over 90 countries and territories, including some Tunisians.
| 06 October 2021

Pandora Papers | Eagle One, the offshore company of Mohsen Marzouk

Following the Panama Papers, Mohsen Marzouk's name reappears in the Pandora Papers - and this time, the documents prove that the politician did indeed set up an offshore company during the presidential elections in 2014, through a Dubai-based firm. 
| 03 October 2021