2022 in review: Inkyfada's editorial highlights

Throughout this year, and with thoroughness and passion for our work, our team at inkyfada has tried to provide you with the best possible reporting of events. Let's take a look back at the most outstanding productions of 2022 through this retrospective.
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The year 2022 came to a close with elections that attracted only 11.2% of voters, the lowest turnout in over a decade. Politics is no longer the focus, while the economy is struggling in the wake of a trying year marked by shortages, soaring inflation, and complicated negotiations with the IMF in the background.

A turbulent political year

With a national consultation, a referendum, and legislative elections that were symbolically scheduled for December 17, Kaïs Saied has been trying to consolidate and legitimize his power. However, the new Constitution, as well as the procedures implemented by the new electoral law, have proven to be fraught with problems.

In the meantime, many of the measures taken by the President have caused a great deal of concern. Decree-laws threatening the work of civil society and journalists, the dissolution of the Supreme Judicial Council, the dismissal of a number of judges... Kaïs Saied has attacked not only the rights and freedoms but also the independence of the judiciary.

In addition to our numerous investigations and analytical articles, inkyfada podcast has made several productions about the country's political life. Inkytalk, the news program produced by the inkyfada editorial staff, has regularly featured civil society actors and researchers to analyze and dissect the evolution of the political situation. 

We have also produced two new series entitled "At the heart of the project" and "On the brink of Justice". The first one interviews Kaïs Saied's supporters, those who ran his electoral campaign and who consider themselves "at the heart of the political project" of the President. 

The six episodes of "On the brink of Justice" delve into the inner workings of the judicial system through exclusive interviews with judges and lawyers who address the current political situation, as well as criminal procedures, infrastructure, and the judiciary’s relations with the police and the executive.

Inflation, shortages and IMF

Inflation reached 9.8% in November 2022. Some basic commodities have tripled in cost. Prices have soared and many necessities - butter, milk, even mineral water - have gone out of stock. Signs saying "No more than one pack per person" have become a regular sight in supermarkets.

Meanwhile, the government has been trying to reach an agreement with the IMF. Having finally agreed to grant a loan amounting to 1.9 billion dinars - Tunisia had asked for double that amount - the IMF has finally decided to postpone the review of said agreement, originally scheduled for December 19. We'll keep you posted.

A country under strain

The high cost of living has taken its toll on the citizens' daily lives. Several demonstrations against the President and protests over the socio-economic situation have taken place this year.

In Zarzis, a movement of unprecedented magnitude sprang up in September in the wake of the sinking of a boat carrying 17 people who were trying to reach Europe. Zarzis residents are still protesting to this day.

Finally, while the trial of Omar Laabidi was still ongoing, four years after the tragic drowning of the young supporter, inkyfada took a stand against police violence by producing the webdoc "Number of deaths caused by police violence, since 2011".

inkyfada sheds light on opaque affairs

Investigation is the essence of our work. When the oil tanker Xelo ran aground off the coast of Gabes, inkyfada conducted a detailed investigation to fully grasp the hidden aspects of this affair and the authorities' involvement. As for the mega solar power plant project in the south of the country, our journalists looked into whether it would really be profitable for Tunisia.

You can find some of our investigations this year here, and don't forget to visit our website to see more!

Our Highlights 

With the current political situation and Kaïs Saied's frequent speeches, our journalists have tried to make sense of the President's project. Beyond the analyses and reports, we listened to 30 hours of the President's speeches. What are the recurring topics and words? Who is the President pointing the finger at? The figures he uses, are they real and verified? The webdoc "Thus spoke Kaïs Saied" answers these questions (available in Arabic and French).

In 2022, we continued to address issues that are close to our hearts and that we believe are relevant: migration, climate, human rights, economy... 

We have also made an original portrait of the tenniswoman Ons Jabeur who "led Tunisia to the top of the tennis world" this summer. Find out more about her story and her career through archive photos and interviews with her and her family.

Inkyfada Podcast

When it comes to sound productions, inkyfada podcast has finalized the series "Women on borrowed time, from abuse to femicide", and has produced "Shifting poles", a series that explores bipolar disorder by giving a voice to people affected by it; we also addressed the professional consequences of Covid-19 with "Covid-19: 7 lives on hold". Finally, 2022 marks the launch of our series "Talking papers", in which researchers explain their work. In the first episode, Amine Bouzaiene talked about tax justice. Many more episodes are coming in 2023!

Our team has also produced two "one-shot" podcasts: "A life on hold : Our stories with cancer" and "The story behind my undocumented father". Both productions are intimate discussions about topics that can sometimes be overwhelming.

Our permanent sections 

Many of you have been following this section: in 2022, the "Stouchis" have become bi-monthly. Every second Sunday, we dive into the wallet of a Tunisian citizen, and it's a different profile each time. 

History-wise: the series "Beyond the dates" keeps on going. This year, two episodes were released. The first one focuses on May 12, 1881 and the signing of the treaty that established the French "protectorate" over Tunisia. The second one covers the July 25, 1957 events and the establishment of the Tunisian Republic as a new political regime. This date was particularly significant this year with the referendum on the Constitution, and Arwa Labidi's archival work allowed us to really understand the present in the light of the past.

Finally, inkyfada has published several photo essays. Images have become a true storytelling tool to address social, environmental, economic and political issues. These works are the fruit of collaborations between inkyfada and independent photographers.

Membership and newsletter

Aside from our productions, inkyfada also wishes to get closer to you: we have therefore launched a membership program this year. By registering, you will be able to view your history, save articles and podcasts that interest you and even participate in exclusive events organized by our team.

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