At the heart of the Project

Kais Saied's landslide victory in the 2019 presidential elections warrants a closer look at the causes, contributors, and subsequent consequences. Throughout the four episodes of the podcast "At the heart of the Project", Inkyfada attempts to introduce the members of its electoral campaign and the people who consider themselves to be "at the very heart of the project" that was represented by Kais Said. After the legal changes initiated by the president following July 25, this project is becoming increasingly clear.
20 April 2022
series Au coeur du Projet - أبناء المشروع
La victoire écrasante de Kais Saied, lors des élections présidentielles de 2019 mérite que l’on s’interroge sur ses causes, ses conséquences et contributeur·trices. Inkyfada tente avec “Au cœur du projet”, un podcast de quatre épisodes, de présenter les membres de sa campagne électorale et celles et ceux qui se considèrent “au cœur du projet politique” représenté par Kais Saïd. Après le 25 juillet, avec les changements entamés au sein de l’arsenal juridique, ce projet se précise de plus en plus.
جعل اكتساح قيس سعيد لمنافسيه في الانتخابات الرئاسية لسنة 2019 من قراءة أسباب هذا الفوز ومآلاته والمساهمين فيه مبحثا يستحق التأمل. من هذا المنطلق، تحاول إنكفاضة في سلسلة بودكاست  "أبناء المشروع" المتكوّن من أربع حلقات تقديم مجموعة من أعضاء حملته التفسيرية وممن يعتبرون أنفسهم "أبناء المشروع السياسي" الذي يمثله قيس سعيد وظهر جليا بعد 25 جويلية خصوصا سعيه إلى تحقيقه عبر تغيير الترسانة القانونية.

Latest episode

The Reconstruction

Those who have been closely involved with the Project claim that the President changed after July 25, more specifically after being - in their words - "betrayed". Indeed, they believe that Hichem El Mechichi subjected Kais Saied to "great disloyalty" whilst he presided over the government.



The road to Democracy

Despite acknowledging the importance of a national consultation, the low participation rate was an embarrassment to Kais Saied. Along with some of his supporters, Saied confronted this critical situation by blaming the media and unknown third parties for the low turnout.

Mandate and attributed powers

In this episode, we interview Kais Saied's supporters about the nature of their involvement and how it takes shape, the roles they play in appointments and their views on some of them, as well as their responses to the criticism directed at Kais Saied for restricting freedoms and harassing opponents.

How it began

In the first episode, members who are associated with Kaïs Saied's political project tell us about how they met him, and how they subsequently decided to support and work with him when he chose to run in the 2019 elections.

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