Mandate and attributed powers

In this episode, we interview Kais Saied's supporters about the nature of their involvement and how it takes shape, the roles they play in appointments and their views on some of them, as well as their responses to the criticism directed at Kais Saied for restricting freedoms and harassing opponents.
27 April 2022
series [{"user_id":"1473","role":"Mixing & Sound Design"},{"user_id":"1408","role":"Illustration"},{"user_id":"1542,1550","role":"Editorial Support"}] https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/04/Podcast-أبناء-المشروع-الحلقة-الثانية.mp3 Au coeur du Projet | Épisode 2: Mandat et attribution - أبناء المشروع | الحلقة 2: التفويض والتكليف Épisode 2: Mandat et attribution - الحلقة 2: التفويض والتكليف نطرح في هذه الحلقة  أسئلة على "أبناء المشروع" بخصوص طبيعة نشاطهم وتمظهراته، ودورهم في التعيينات ومواقفهم من بعضها إضافة إلى ردهم على الانتقادات التي توجه لقيس سعيد بالتضييق على الحريات وهرسلة المعارضين.
Dans cet épisode, nous interrogeons les partisans de Kais Saied sur la nature de leur activité et ses formes, leurs rôles dans les nominations et leurs positions sur certaines d'entre elles, ainsi que sur leurs réponses aux critiques adressées à Kais Saied concernant la restriction des libertés et le harcèlement des opposant·es.
Created by
Issa Ziadia
Mixing & Sound Design
Oussema Gaidi
Hathemi Smedhi
Editorial Support
Shaden Gannam, Emna Chebaane

"The main bond is love", Ziad Abdouli, one of the main supporters of Kais Saied in Sidi Bouzid.

 The "project initiators" insist that what unites them is a bond of love and a mutual desire to improve the daily lives of Tunisians by establishing a new relationship between citizens and officials. Thus, their commitment to Kais Saied was based on volunteering, irrespective of any personal gain.

However, it seems that their reluctance to accept official positions suddenly vanished after July 25, when they instead became a candidate pool for various appointments made by the President, who, they claim, was convinced that "[they were] the most reliable means to achieve the Project", following what they called 'El-Mechichi's betrayal'.

In the second episode of our podcast "At the heart of the Political Project", we will learn more about these figures and the nature of their involvement, the roles they play in the appointment process, as well as their responses to the criticisms directed at Kais Saied after July 25.

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At the heart of the Project

Kais Saied's landslide victory in the 2019 presidential elections warrants a closer look at the causes, contributors, and subsequent consequences. Throughout the four episodes of the podcast "At the heart of the Project", Inkyfada attempts to introduce the members of its electoral campaign and the people who consider themselves to be "at the very heart of the project" that was represented by Kais Said. After the legal changes initiated by the president following July 25, this project is becoming increasingly clear.

Latest episodes

The Reconstruction

Those who have been closely involved with the Project claim that the President changed after July 25, more specifically after being - in their words - "betrayed". Indeed, they believe that Hichem El Mechichi subjected Kais Saied to "great disloyalty" whilst he presided over the government.

The road to Democracy

Despite acknowledging the importance of a national consultation, the low participation rate was an embarrassment to Kais Saied. Along with some of his supporters, Saied confronted this critical situation by blaming the media and unknown third parties for the low turnout.

How it began

In the first episode, members who are associated with Kaïs Saied's political project tell us about how they met him, and how they subsequently decided to support and work with him when he chose to run in the 2019 elections.


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