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Corona vs Flowers

Emna Belakhel, interior designer by trade, has been a florist in Manouba for 20 years when she is not on the job.

Corona vs Coffee shops

There are approximately thirty coffee shops in the city of Teboursouk, located in the Governorate of Beja.Kamel Oueslati, a local resident and manager of a coffee shop owned by his family since 1985, describes the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on his work and that of his family.

Confined to precarity : The Ivorian Vendors of Tunis

In the northern suburbs of Tunis, a small group of Ivorian women set up shop in a market run by Tunisian men. Over time, by selling products from their country of origin, these women have become an anchor for the growing local sub-Saharan community. With the market closing during the Covid-19 pandemic, these women were thrown into precariousness.

From Quarantine to Confinement

It's early March, 2020. So far, there are only three reported cases of the Coronavirus, and life in Tunis is still carefree. Heythem attends a party and does not yet know that one of the other guests has been infected with the virus. The young man is later informed by his friends, followed by the Ministry of Health, and subsequently had to quarantine by himself and acclimate to a new way of life. 

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Inkytalk, the editorial team's programme on topical issues.


Inkyfada Podcast is the first platform entirely dedicated to original Tunisian podcasts, and was conceived by Inkyfada media in collaboration with the in-house research and development laboratory, InkyLab.
Inkyfada joined the global podcast boom in 2017, when the team produced the first Tunisian audio documentary, diving deep into the belly of the El Kamour struggle taking place in the desert.
Since then, Inkyfada Podcast has produced a wide variety of documentaries, investigations, and podcast series, as well as articles accompanied by music; covering a multitude of contemporary issues in order to offer an immersive and alternative podcast experience.
Whilst exclusively offering audio content, the Inkyfada Podcast team upholds the same core values and principles of inkyfada.com, and is committed to producing high quality content though a dynamic and meticulous production process.
In addition to the permanent team, Inkyfada podcast works closely with various journalists, artists, illustrators, musicians and other content creators in order to diversify the platform and support artistic creativity.
These podcasts differ from traditional radiophonic content in that the applied production and editing process is more akin to cinematographic techniques, in addition to being web-based, downloadable and accessible on demand.
Additionally, Inkyfada Podcast uniquely offers subtitles in French, Arabic and English for all audio content, the majority of which is recorded in Tunisian or in the preferred language of the speaker in question.

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