Navigating COVID times

How has COVID redefined our lives, exposing vulnerabilities and resilience? What deep introspections and redefinitions of connections have Ameni and Emna experienced? How has the pandemic reshaped our perception of time, priorities, and our sense of community?
06 March 2024
series [{"user_id":"1473","role":"Editing, Mixing & Sound Design"},{"user_id":"1408","role":"Illustration"}] https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/Podcast-3andek-Swi3a-Ep04-Covid19.mp3 عندك سويعة ؟ | الحلقة 4 : ما غيّره فينا الكوفيد - Andek Swi3a ? | Épisode 4 : Au temps du COVID الحلقة 4 : ما غيّره فينا الكوفيد - Épisode 4 : Au temps du COVID
كيف جعلنا الكوفيد نغير زاوية النظر في معنى حياتنا وأماط اللثام عن مكامن الضعف فينا وقدرتنا على مقاومة الأزمات؟ ما هي الاستبطانات العميقة والروابط التي صار من الضروري إعادة تعريفها ومراجعتها؟ وبأي طريقة أعادت الجائحة تشكيل رؤيتنا للزمن والأولويات وانتمائنا للمجموعة؟

Comment le COVID a-t-il redéfini nos vies, révélant vulnérabilités et résiliences ? Quelles profondes introspections et redéfinitions des liens Ameni et Emna ont-elles vécues ? En quoi la pandémie a-t-elle remodelé notre vision du temps, des priorités et notre sens de la communauté ?
Created by
Ameni Mabrouk
Emna Chebaane
Editing, Mixing & Sound Design
Oussema Gaidi
Hathemi Smedhi

Navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic profoundly transformed Ameni and Emna, redefining their habits, mental health, and perception of vulnerability to illness.

Faced with isolation, they explored solitude and introspection, leading them to reassess the nature of their relationships and engage in reflections they had never taken the time for before. Lockdown provided fertile ground to discover and rediscover friends, bringing hearts and minds closer through deeper and more meaningful exchanges.

This period also highlighted the importance of time and its elastic nature, prompting them to question their priorities, especially professional ones, and to redefine their relationships through the prism of forgiveness and rediscovery of family ties.

The crisis also shed light on privileges and inequalities, challenging professional practices during lockdown, and highlighting the failures of public services.

In this fourth episode of “Andek Swi3a?” (Got a Moment?), they share how COVID-19 has influenced their perceptions, enriching their resilience and empathy. It’s also a story about how the pandemic has shaped their view of community in a transformed world.

This episode's song: Amir Eid - Youm Gedid

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Andek Swi3a?

"Do you have a moment? We reflect together and explore our simple, deep, similar, and different questions... We dive for almost an hour into our thoughts and feelings out loud... We may not necessarily have answers, yet why hesitate to express ourselves? "Andek Swi3a?" (Got a moment?) is a podcast where Ameni and Emna discuss, and each episode addresses a topic that could resonate with many women of their generation: Generation Y.

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