Female Friendships

What role do female friendships play in our development after the age of 20? How do these bonds strengthen our resilience and shape our vision of sorority? What do we learn from these deep and authentic connections?
28 February 2024
series [{"user_id":"1473","role":"Editing, Mixing & Sound Design"},{"user_id":"1363","role":"Illustration"}] https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/3andek-Swi3a-Ep03-Amitié-F.mp3 عندك سويعة ؟ | الحلقة 3 : الصداقات النسائية - Andek Swi3a ? | Épisode 3 : Amitiés féminines الحلقة 3 : الصداقات النسائية - Épisode 3 : Amitiés féminines
ما الدور الذي تلعبه الصداقات النسائية في تطورنا بعد سن العشرين؟ وكيف تعزز هذه الروابط صلابتنا وتشكّل رؤيتنا للأخـ(ت)ـوية؟ ماذا نتعلم من هذه العلاقات العميقة والصادقة؟
Quel rôle jouent les amitiés féminines dans notre épanouissement après 20 ans ? Comment ces liens renforcent-ils notre résilience et façonnent-ils notre vision de la sororité ? Qu'apprenons-nous de ces connections profondes et authentiques ?
Created by
Ameni Mabrouk
Emna Chebaane
Editing, Mixing & Sound Design
Oussema Gaidi
Marwen Ben Mustapha

Female friendships weave essential bonds in the fabric of our lives, becoming pillars of support for Ameni and Emna at the dawn of their thirties. These relationships, true safe spaces, foster personal growth and healing, and are the cradle of authentic exchanges.

Their journey through the years has also revealed the crucial importance of sorority. Shaped by shared experiences and mutual support, these friendships have exceeded all initial expectations. From the first encounters at school, through the challenges of teenage years and the beginnings at university, Ameni and Emna's perception of friendships among women has deeply evolved.

In this episode, they revisit these connections from a different angle, measuring the depth and richness they bring to their existence. What started as a quest for individual identity beyond gender stereotypes has transformed into a solid support system, highlighting the unique strength of female connection.

In this third episode of "Andek Swi3a?" (Got a Moment?), they explore the lessons learned from their female friendships: resilience, empathy, and solidarity.

This episode's song: Mustafa Amar - As’hab

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Andek Swi3a?

"Do you have a moment? We reflect together and explore our simple, deep, similar, and different questions... We dive for almost an hour into our thoughts and feelings out loud... We may not necessarily have answers, yet why hesitate to express ourselves? "Andek Swi3a?" (Got a moment?) is a podcast where Ameni and Emna discuss, and each episode addresses a topic that could resonate with many women of their generation: Generation Y.

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