Right to health

From drug shortages to life-threatening health disasters, the Tunisian health sector has been plagued by numerous scandals. Pending a deep structural reform, difficulties faced by health care workers and unequal access to decent health care persist.
Right to health
The many who remain unvaccinated against Covid-19, a case of mistrust and inequality
| 19 May 2022 | 12 minutes
After the vaccination rate skyrocketed from summer to December 2021, the campaign has been floundering. Between the general mistrust, apathy and accessibility issues, a multitude of shortcomings continue to persist, without the State properly addressing them.
Right to health
Living with HIV : The challenges of treatment
| 01 December 2021 | 10 minutes
Stock-outs, inadequate treatment, the stigma by healthcare providers... The daily life of people living with HIV is not without its pitfalls, despite the availability of free treatment.
Right to health
5 graphs to better understand the magnitude of Covid-19-related deaths in Tunisia
| 02 August 2021 | 10 minutes
For several weeks now, the spread of the virus has been rapidly accelerating throughout Tunisia, which is now ranked as one of the countries suffering the heaviest losses during this period. The following five graphs help analyse the current situation, as well as the potential for a fifth wave in the autumn.
Right to health
Covid-19: "Take Our Picture, We Are Dying Here", The Cry of Distress from the Residents of Kairouan
| 01 July 2021 | 5 minutes
Hit hard by the fourth wave of the pandemic, the inhabitants of Kairouan live according to the rhythm of this health emergency. According to the regional director of health, the governorate consumes 10,000 litres of oxygen every day, and the hospitals are saturated.
Right to health
In Numbers. Follow the progression of Covid-19 vaccinations in Tunisia
| 21 June 2021 | 10 minutes
After nearly a month's delay, the vaccination campaign against Covid-19 in Tunisia finally began on March 13. The number of people vaccinated, the number of vaccine doses announced and received - will the government's objectives be met? View the regularly updated progress and projections of the campaign, in numbers.
Right to health
Covid-19: at vaccination centres, the government's objectives are far from being achieved
| 11 June 2021 | 5 minutes
"We are overwhelmed", admits a pharmacist, exhausted by the vaccination campaign. Faced with a lack of resources in vaccination centres, the government's objective of 3 million people vaccinated by June 30 seems unrealistic. 
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