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Journalist. I am particularly interested in social issues related to politics, geopolitics and justice.

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Getting treated for Covid-19 in a private clinic, but at what cost?

15 December 2020 |
“I can’t afford to pay!” cries out Fadhila as she discovers her husband’s medical bill. Having caught Covid-19, he spent two weeks in an intensive care unit in a private clinic in Greater Tunis. The clinic in question is now billing him more than 20,000 dinars in expenses. Overcharging, lack of transparency and harassment - Inkyfada has gathered the testimonies of several families and healthcare professionals.  

Cinema and epidemics, a professional community in great difficulty

13 November 2020 |
To fight spreading of the Covid-19 pandemic, movie theatres were among the first institutions to draw their curtains closed. An entire industry is holding its breath and professionals are ringing the alarm bells. “If things continue like this, we will no longer exist in 6 months.”

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