“Perpetuating Apartheid”: Sub-Saharan Africans in Sfax hunted down, attacked and forcibly deported

21 July 2023

"Sfax bears witness to a crime against humanity". In the heart of the city, hundreds of Sub-Saharan Africans have been left to fend for themselves, after having been evicted from their homes and even assaulted. Many others have been driven into the desert in extremely inhumane conditions, amid the applause of local residents. 



Beyond the Boundaries of Masculinity: The TranstyX Project

04 July 2023

In this episode, we are hosting Moncef Zahrouni, author and director of the "TranstyX" project, to discuss the portrayal of transgender identity within the Tunisian artistic landscape.



Beyond the Boundaries of Masculinity: Voices in Transition

27 June 2023

How do transgender people interact with their social and cultural environment, from family to public spaces? This episode explores gender transition through a variety of personal experiences that challenge the binary construct.



“Dick Pics”, an expression of dominant masculinity

20 June 2023

In this fourth episode of "Borjouliya", we delve into the motivations and purposes behind "dick pics," which are unsolicited photos of male genitals. We examine the link between these practices and hegemonic masculinity, as well as the values associated with them. The context explored encompasses dimensions of power, sociocultural influences, and psychological aspects.



“Do you love me, dad ?”

06 June 2023

Fathers strive to abide by traditional norms of masculinity that restrict them to the role of financial providers, limiting their emotional expression and that of their children. As a result, children suffer from the consequences of their fathers' absence in their lives. How can fathers break this cycle? Is there a way to rebuild healthy fatherhood models that meet the demands of our time?


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