The Commons

Challenges of the Commons : Resisting the System and Reinventing the Future

19 May 2023

In this second episode, we broaden our perspective to examine the commons by shedding light on innovative initiatives and projects that seek to preserve and grow the commons while facontemporary challenges.


The Commons

Commons in Action: Building a Future of Sharing in Tunisia

18 May 2023

"There is no Commons without Communing ". While the term the " Commons " is often read as a noun referring to things that can be shared such as the sea, the internet, or land it is actually much more helpful to understand the Commons as a verb. The Commons are a set of ongoing practices, not an inert physical resource.


Talking papers

Youth on the Margins and their Mental Health, with Olfa Lamloum

28 April 2023

Violence, addiction, and migration: How to understand the causes of risky behaviors among marginalized Tunisian youth from the perspective of their mental health? Interview with Olfa Lamloum, coordinator of the study: "Mental Health and Risk-taking Behaviours in El Kabaria, northern Kasserine and northern Tataouine".


Ifriqiya in Transition

Berbers and Arabs: Revolts and New States

22 April 2023

The Berber Revolt, the Third Fitna, the end of the Umayyad Caliphate, the Abbasid Revolution, Sufism, Ibadism, Barghouta, Sijilmasa, Djebel Nefoussa, Arwa the Kairouanese, the Fihrids, the Muhallabids, the Rustumids, the Idrisids, the Arab troop revolts, and concluding with Ibrahim Ibn Al-Aghlab, the founder of the Aghlabid dynasty (800-909 CE).


Ifriqiya in Transition

Barbarian Knights: From Resistance to Conquest

18 April 2023

How did Byzantium react to the seizure of Carthage? What religion was the Kahina, queen of the Aurès Berbers? What is the second military base established by the Arabs in Ifriqiya? Who was the first governor of the largest Umayyad province? In what context did the resisting Berbers join the Arab troops?


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