The healing journey

Is there a single concept of healing, or are there multiple definitions? How does each individual's experience in their journey of healing from old and new wounds differ? How can Emna and Ameni's personal experiences shed light on the different paths of healing?
14 February 2024
series [{"role":"Editing, Mixing & Sound Design","user_id":"1473"},{"role":"Illustration","user_id":"1363"}] https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/02/Podcast-Andek-Swi3a-Ep01-Healing-Journey.mp3 Andek Swi3a ? | Épisode 1 : Le chemin vers la guérison - عندك سويعة ؟ | الحلقة 1 : رحلة التعافي Épisode 1 : Le chemin vers la guérison - الحلقة 1 : رحلة التعافي هل يوجد مفهوم واحد للتعافي أم هناك تعاريف متعددة؟ كيف تختلف تجربة كل فرد في رحلته للتعافي من الجروح القديمة والجديدة؟ وكيف يمكن للتجارب الشخصية لآمنة وأماني أن تلقي الضوء على مسارات التعافي المختلفة؟
Existe-t-il une conception unique de la guérison ou y a-t-il plusieurs définitions ? Comment l'expérience de chaque individu dans son voyage de guérison des blessures anciennes et nouvelles diffère-t-elle ? Comment les expériences personnelles d'Emna et Ameni peuvent-elles éclairer les différentes voies de la guérison ?
Created by
Ameni Mabrouk
Emna Chebaane
Editing, Mixing & Sound Design
Oussema Gaidi
Marwen Ben Mustapha

Gatherings with friends are often spaces for reflection, expression, and deconstruction, safe spaces where we share our thoughts, musings, and wishes.

Through the podcast "Andek Swi3a?" (Got a Moment?), Emna and Amani decided to share their space with us for about an hour, taking us on a journey of questions arising from their own experiences. The hour-long journey doesn't necessarily lead to answers or truths, but is merely a journey of sharing and "heart-to-heart".

In this first episode, we talk about "the healing journey", and our journeys to heal from old and new wounds. We analyze them and discuss the lessons learned along the way.

This episode's song:  Cairokee - Ana Negm

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Andek Swi3a?

"Do you have a moment? We reflect together and explore our simple, deep, similar, and different questions... We dive for almost an hour into our thoughts and feelings out loud... We may not necessarily have answers, yet why hesitate to express ourselves? "Andek Swi3a?" (Got a moment?) is a podcast where Ameni and Emna discuss, and each episode addresses a topic that could resonate with many women of their generation: Generation Y.

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