Gender in language, from power to resistance

This series of podcasts offers a deep dive into the Arabic language, through the point of view of Arabic-speaking journalists, feminist activists, translators and academics. On the occasion of a series of workshops organized by inkyfada, the latter dissect the language in an attempt to deconstruct it. At the core of the linguistic mechanism, they question the systems of domination related to gender and the different ways to resist them.
18 December 2020
series Série | Le genre dans la langue, entre pouvoir et résistance - سلسلة | الجندر في اللغة، بين السلطة والمقاومة Cette série de podcasts propose une plongée dans la langue arabe, à travers le point de vue de journalistes, militantes féministes, traductrices et académiciennes arabophones. À l’occasion d’une série d’ateliers organisés par inkyfada, ces dernières décortiquent la langue et tentent de la déconstruire. Au cœur des rouages linguistiques, elles interrogent les systèmes de domination liés au genre et les différentes manières d’y résister.
الجندر في اللغة، بين السلطة والمقاومة، هي سلسلة تنغمس في اللغة العربية وما تحمله في طياتها من عنف وسلطة. بعد لقاءات ومحادثات تمت في مقر إنكفاضة، تم إنتاج هذه السلسلة من البودكاست بصوت صحفيات وناشطات نسويات، ومترجمات وجامعيات من المناطق الناطقة بالعربية، يفكّرن في اللغة ويحاولن تفكيكها. تبحث السلسلة في سُبل مقاومة أنظمة الهيمنة التي تمر عبر اللغة، - وعلى رأسها، أنظمة الهيمنة الجندرية. 
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Latest episode

Inclusivity in the Arabic Language

The more the purists insist on maintaining a so called "pure form" of literary Arabic (or "Fus'ha"), the more they prevent the language from evolving - and if a language does not adapt to the needs of its speakers, it runs the risk of extinction.



Language, A Form of Resistance

Who owns a language? Who has the right to appropriate it? When masculinised, language is appropriated by men, and reduces women and gender minorities to invisible participants who are forced to find other ways of legitimising themselves and exercise resistance.

Absent in Language: Absent in Mind

How do we define power? How is this reflected through language?  As a form of domination, patriarchal violence is also is reflected through language construction and usage. Gender is masculinised as a default, and women are made invisible.

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Street vendors and the formation of masculinities, with Ridha Karem

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