Snad and the Dove Woman

What do Stockholm syndrome, "barbarians'' and the sea all have in common? This is the story of Snad, the son of a sultan with a passion for the sea. During a voyage, he meets a dove woman whom he kidnaps and makes his companion, until she manages to escape. In search of her, Snad has to come face to face with a strange and frightening civilisation.
05 August 2021
series [{"user_id":"1425","role":"Directing"},{"user_id":"1511","role":"Voice-Over"},{"user_id":"1473","role":"Sound design and editing, Mixing"},{"user_id":"1512","role":"Music"},{"user_id":"1429","role":"Editorial support"},{"user_id":"1519","role":"Illustration"}] https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Podcast-Ija-ya-Zmen-EP4-Complet.mp3 Ija Ya Zmen | Épisode 4: Snad et la femme-colombe - إيجا يا زمان | الحلقة 4: أمير السند والمرأة الحمامة Épisode 4: Snad et la femme-colombe - الحلقة 4: أمير السند والمرأة الحمامة Quel est le point commun entre la mer, le syndrome de Stockholm et les "barbares" ? C’est l’histoire de Snad, fils d’un sultan et passionné par la mer. Lors d’un voyage, il rencontre une femme-colombe qu’il capture et en fait sa compagne, avant que celle-ci ne parvienne à s’échapper. Lancé à sa recherche, Snad doit se confronter à une civilisation étrange et effrayante. ما هو القاسم المشترك بين البحر ومتلازمة ستوكهولم وبلاد الشاق واق ؟ إنها قصة الأمير سند، ابن السلطان وعاشق البحر. خلال رحلة عبر البحار، وقع الأمير على امرأة حمامة فاتخذها رفيقة له ولكن ما لبثت أن فرت منه. انطلق في آثارها يبحث عنها ليجد نفسه في حضارة غريبة ومريبة. 55524
Created by
Inkyfada Podcast
Hazar Abidi
Saida Elkhadhra
Sound design and editing, Mixing
Oussema Gaidi
Rehab Hazgui
Editorial support
Bochra Triki
Atelier Glibett

Narrated by Saïda El Khadhra, this episode takes us to the kingdom of Snad, where after many years of waiting, the good and charitable sultan finally becomes the father of a long-awaited son. He decides to name him Snad, as a tribute to his beloved kingdom.

As he grows up, the young prince, fascinated by the sea, tells his father that he dreams of sailing off to distant lands. His father refuses, for fear of pirates and storms, but as the years go by, Snad's temptation grows stronger. The son finally sets sail with a team of sailors. 

But before long, a storm washes away everything but the prince, who ends up stranded on a deserted island where he encounters doves adorned with crowns of precious stones. The prince soon discovers that once their crowns are taken off, the doves turn into women. He then decides to hide the crown of the most beautiful one, and to return to his country with her as his captive.

One day, the dove-woman comes up with a ruse to make him reveal the hiding place of her crown, and manages to escape. Snad decides to set off in search of her, and so begins an epic journey in which the prince finds himself confronted with a strange and unfamiliar civilisation.

In this episode, Hazar Abidi analyses the tale by questioning the fantasy of the sea and its symbolism, and the frequent recurrence of the Stockholm syndrome in love stories. The analysis also looks at the image of 'barbarians', those strangers who are bound to leave their mark.

Ija Ya Zmen

Ija Ya Zmen is a series of Tunisian tales narrated by the dancer and choreographer Saïda El Khadhra, with commentary by Hazar Abidi. These tales, part of a disappearing oral tradition, have been collected by the Inkyfada podcast team in order to preserve them and offer a sociological, anthropological, feminist and alternative reading.

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