Wachma Bent El Hattab

Saïda El Khadhra tells the tragic yet endearing story of a lumberjack and his dog, and the adventures of the lumberjack's daughter Wachma, and her love affair with a shapeshifter that would come to change her life. The episode explores the concepts of inheritance and karma, the notion of soul mates and destiny, as well as the cultural representations of shapeshifters and dogs.
05 August 2021
series [{"user_id":"1425","role":"Directing"},{"user_id":"1511","role":"Voice-Over"},{"user_id":"1473","role":"Editing, mixing & Sound Design"},{"user_id":"1512","role":"Music"},{"user_id":"1429","role":"Editorial support"},{"user_id":"1519","role":"Illustration"}] https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Ija-ya-Zmen-EP3-Final.mp3 https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Ija-ya-zmen-EP3_AR.srt Ija Ya Zmen | Épisode 3: Wachma Bent El Hattab - إيجا يا زمان | الحلقة 3: وشمة بنت الحطاب Épisode 3: Wachma Bent El Hattab - الحلقة 3: وشمة بنت الحطاب Saïda El Khadhra raconte l’histoire à la fois tragique et attachante d’un bûcheron et de son chien et celle de  Wachma, la fille du bûcheron, ses aventures et son histoire d’amour avec un métamorphe qui va changer sa vie. On y retrouve les  concepts d'héritage et du karma, de la notion des âmes sœurs et du destin, ainsi que celle des métamorphes et la représentation des chiens dans nos cultures. تروي سعيدة الخضراء قصة مؤسفة وشجية في آن واحد، عن الحطاب وكلبه، وعن ابنته وشمة التي تجد نفسها في قلب مغامرة أوقعتها في حب متحول ممسوخ سيقلب حياتها رأسا على عقب. تحملنا الخرافة عبر مفاهيم الوراثة والكارما، فالأرواح الموصولة والقدر، لترسي بنا عند المسخ وتصوراتنا الثقافية للكلاب 54101
Created by
Inkyfada Podcast
Hazar Abidi
Saida Elkhadhra
Editing, mixing & Sound Design
Oussema Gaidi
Rehab Hazgui
Editorial support
Bochra Triki
Atelier Glibett

The lumberjack El Hattab plans to go on a Hajj (pilgrimage), once he has saved up the money. His wife gives birth to a daughter with a birthmark resembling a tattoo on her arm, similar to an auspicious symbol of happiness and wealth.

One day when he is in the forest to work, the lumberjack comes across a puppy and starts caring for it as if it were his child. The story begins when the Hajj period is announced, and the puppy, unbeknownst to its master, follows him to Mecca.

Later, another dog appears in the tale, but this time following Wachma, the woodcutter's daughter who was born with the mysterious birthmark. Wachma, intrigued by this animal that she keeps seeing every night, discovers its real identity and the link that unites them.

Told by dancer and choreographer Saïda El Khadhra, the story is the heritage of an endangered oral tradition.

With the help of Bochra Triki, literature professor and podcast producer, Hazar Abidi attempts to deconstruct the symbols that permeate the tale and the social conventions that are conveyed.

Hazar Abidi additionally analyses the concepts of inheritance and karma, the notion of soul mates and destiny, as well as the cultural representations of shapeshifters and dogs.

Ija Ya Zmen

Ija Ya Zmen is a series of Tunisian tales narrated by the dancer and choreographer Saïda El Khadhra, with commentary by Hazar Abidi. These tales, part of a disappearing oral tradition, have been collected by the Inkyfada podcast team in order to preserve them and offer a sociological, anthropological, feminist and alternative reading.

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