Wadaa And Her Seven Brothers

In the first episode, dancer and choreographer Saida El Khadhra recounts the adventures of Wadaa, the Sultan's daughter, who sets off in search of her seven brothers. Mistreated and tricked by her sisters-in-law, abandoned by her brothers, and saved by her future husband, Wadaa's story is replete with elements and symbols that enforce and maintain social norms.
30 March 2021
series [{"user_id":"1425","role":"Directing"},{"user_id":"1511","role":"Voice-Over"},{"user_id":"1473","role":"Montage, mixing and sound design"},{"user_id":"1512","role":"Music"},{"role":"Editorial support","user_id":"1429"},{"user_id":"1519","role":"Illustration"}] https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/03/wadaa-et-ses-sept-freres.mp3 Ija Ya Zmen | Épisode 1: Wadaa et ses sept frères - إيجا يا زمان | الحلقة 1: ودعة وإخوتها السبعة Épisode 1: Wadaa et ses sept frères - الحلقة 1: ودعة وإخوتها السبعة Dans ce premier épisode, Saida El Khadhra - danseuse et chorégraphe populaire - raconte les aventures de Wadaa, fille de Sultan, partie à la recherche de ses sept frères. Maltraitée, piégée par ses belles-sœurs, abandonnée par ses frères et sauvée par son futur époux, l’histoire de Wadaa regorge d’éléments et de symboles qui contribuent à instaurer des normes sociales et à les maintenir. في هذه الحلقة الأولى، تروي سعيدة الخضراء مغامرات ودعة، بنت السلطان، التي غادرت أهلها بحثا عن إخوتها السبعة. رحلة مضنية، رأت فيها ودعة ألوان الشقاء على يد خادمها وإخوتها وزوجاتهم، إلى حين أنقذها زوجها المستقبلي. خرافة تعجّ بالرمزيات التي ترسخ الأعراف الإجتماعية وتجذّرها. 47948
Created by
Inkyfada Podcast
Hazar Abidi
Saida Elkhadhra
Montage, mixing and sound design
Oussema Gaidi
Rehab Hazgui
Editorial support
Bochra Triki
Atelier Glibett

Wadaa, the sultan's daughter, discovers that as a result of a secret scheme, her brothers ran away when she was born. In order to reunite her family, she sets off in search of them.

This quest soon turns into a tumultuous odyssey, a journey of self-discovery in which she faces many obstacles: crossing both desert and snow, enduring misery and fatigue, and encountering magic, snakes and power dynamics.

Dancer and choreographer Saida El Khadhra recounts the adventures of Wadaa. This story, which stems from a dying female, oral tradition, was passed on to her by her grandmother, whom she herself transmitted to her son.

With the help of history professor Mohamed Tlili, archaeologist Amine Ayari, and anthropologist Nada Maatallah, Hazar Abidi challenges these norms, whilst analysing and deconstructing the tale of Wadaa.

In order to do so, she attempts to retrace the origins of this particular tale and discuss the various issues that arise. For instance, she analyses the meaning and symbolism of antagonistic characters in folk tales, in addition to their gendered, classist and racialist dimensions.

Hazar also takes a look at hush-hush family cultures, and the common theme of a self-discovering journey within storytelling.   

Ija Ya Zmen

Ija Ya Zmen is a series of Tunisian tales narrated by the dancer and choreographer Saïda El Khadhra, with commentary by Hazar Abidi. These tales, part of a disappearing oral tradition, have been collected by the Inkyfada podcast team in order to preserve them and offer a sociological, anthropological, feminist and alternative reading.

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