"Ben Ali Fled!"

January 14th, 2011. Imed heads downtown to demonstrate against Ben Ali's dictatorship. Night falls, and the streets empty. Imed suddenly hears a voice that breaks the silence: "Ben Ali fled!". The voice belongs to a well-known lawyer and activist whose gesture defies the lockdown, while taking to the streets to celebrate Ben Ali's departure. Imed starts filming a video with his phone that would become symbolic of this historical day.
14 January 2020
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Created by
Inkyfada Podcast
Directing - Editing - Mixing
Monia Ben Hamadi, Bochra Triki, Hazar Abidi, Yassine Kawana
Yassine Kawana
Music and Sound Editing
Oussema Gaidi
Bochra Triki
Shams Radhouani Abdi, Yasmin Houamed
Marwen Ben Mustapha

January 14th, 2011. The UGTT (Tunisian General Labour Union) calls for a general strike and demonstration in downtown Tunis to protest the Ben Ali dictatorship. Like thousands of other Tunisians, Imed decides to join. Spirits are still high on Habib Bourguiba Avenue, and he meets up with his old friend Zein. Unable to find water, the two friends decide to head to a bar on Marseille Street. 

When they finally leave the bar, they find themselves amidst an apocalyptic landscape. Teargas is being launched by the police, and the crowd panics and disperses. Navigating around roadblocks, Imed and Zein seek refuge at Zein’s place above Café L'Univers, an iconic bar on Habib Bourguiba Avenue. 

At 5pm, a curfew is announced, leaving the streets empty. On the TV there are reports of Ben Ali's departure, but to where is still unknown. At nightfall, Imed hears a male voice shouting   " Ben Ali Hrab!" (Ben Ali fled!) along the streets, his voice tearing through the silence.

The voice belongs to Abdennaceur Laouini, a lawyer who is well-known within activist circles. With this move, he defies the rules and goes out to express his joy after the dictator's departure. Imed joins him and uses his phone to record the scene. For a few moments, his hand freezes up, and he just observes full of amazement and admiration, but his excitement is interrupted with apprehension of the curfew.

Behind the windows overlooking the Avenue, countless people watch the scene with mixed emotions, and without daring to leave. Imed and his friends find themselves completely alone on the Avenue. 

The next morning, Imed returns home and decides to share the video, but he did not expect it to become viral, shared thousands of times in only a few hours, viewed all around the world, and picked up by several media outlets. 

This video immortalised a key moment of the Tunisian revolution, and became a symbolic image of this historic day.

Where were you on January 14th ?

Throughout the year leading up to the tenth anniversary of the revolution, Inkyfada looks back on the events of January 14, 2011 in Tunis. Through the personal accounts of individuals on the ground, an alternative documentation of contemporary history is formed: one that is based on several different perspectives.

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Throughout the previous episodes, the arrival of Helmi’s funeral procession on Avenue Habib Bourguiba often resurfaces. Ten years later, the circumstances of his death remain unclear. The testimonies of his relatives, interspersed with excerpts from previous episodes, make it possible to reconstruct part of the story: that of a young man and a dictator with interlinked destinies.

A Child's Gaze

January 14th, 2011. Saïf, 12, goes with his* mother to the Avenue. Until the following morning, he would experience things that would mark him for life. Saïf's account of January 14th adds new insight from a child’s perspective. With a great deal of self-distance, ease and tenderness, Saïf recounts his strained yet tender relationship with a mother who ultimately taught him the true meaning of the word "freedom".


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