"Do you love me, dad ?"

Fathers strive to abide by traditional norms of masculinity that restrict them to the role of financial providers, limiting their emotional expression and that of their children. As a result, children suffer from the consequences of their fathers' absence in their lives. How can fathers break this cycle? Is there a way to rebuild healthy fatherhood models that meet the demands of our time?
06 June 2023
series [{"user_id":"1473","role":"Editing & Mixing"},{"user_id":"2941","role":"Music"},{"user_id":"2939","role":"Illustration"},{"user_id":"1540","role":"Editorial support & Production"}] https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Borjouliya-Episode-Dis-papa-est-ce-que-tu-maimes-برجوليّة-الحلقة-2-بابا-تحبني-.mp3 Borjouliya | Épisode 2 : "Dis papa, est-ce que tu m'aimes ?” - برجوليّة | الحلقة 2 : بابا، تحبني ؟ Épisode 2 : "Dis papa, est-ce que tu m'aimes ?” - الحلقة 2 : بابا، تحبني ؟
Les pères tentent de se conformer aux normes traditionnelles de la masculinité, qui les limitent au rôle de soutien financier et réduisent leur expression émotionnelle et celle de leurs enfants. De ce fait, ces derniers souffrent des conséquences de l'absence de leurs pères dans leur vie. Comment est-ce que les pères peuvent-ils rompre ce cycle ? Existe-t-il un moyen de reconstruire des modèles de paternité saine qui répondent aux exigences de notre époque ?

يحاول الآباء داخل إطار الأبوة، الوفاء بمبادئ الذكورة النمطية التي تحصرهم في دور المعيل، وتزج بهم وأبنائهم في مسار ضيق من التعبير العاطفي. ولذا، يعاني الكثيرون من الأذى المترتب عن غياب آبائهم في حياتهم، وهو ما قد نسميه جرح الأب. فكيف يمكن للآباء كسر حلقة الأذى؟ وهل من سبيل إلى إعادة بناء نماذج سليمة للأبوة تستجيب إلى متطلبات حاضرنا ؟
Created by
Mohamed Triki
Editing & Mixing
Oussema Gaidi
Parlyz Heal
Malek Rhouma
Editorial support & Production
Rym Amami

In this second episode of "Borjouliya," we explore the relationship between fatherhood and masculinity. The upbringing of children, especially boys, by fathers is often based on a toxic masculine mentality that produces emotionally distant men who are incapable of establishing or maintaining meaningful relationships.

This can happen because many men have never had the space or permission - when they were children - to fully express their emotions. This upbringing has a negative impact on boys and their surroundings later in life, as emotionally distant men who refuse to seek help end up creating unhealthy environments for themselves and those around them.

It is undeniable that fatherhood, as a set of practices and identities, is closely tied to motherhood and the traditional gender roles that stem from it. This would explain why fathers are often absent from their children's lives, limiting themselves to a financial role, while other forms of care, both physical and emotional, are usually provided by mothers.

In this episode, we aim to promote an alternative vision of fatherhood, where children can build strong and positive relationships with their fathers, and where parents support and care for them jointly and equitably.

This episode is based on testimonies from men and the analysis of psychologist Sondos Garbouj.

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"Borjouliya" is a Tunisian podcast that aims to deconstruct the concept of traditional masculinity in order to create a more appropriate and inclusive vision. It challenges common norms of masculinity and highlights the various dominant forms it takes in our daily lives.This third season of "Borjouliya" is a series of discussions bringing together life experiences, expert opinions, and specialists from various fields, addressing men's mental health, fatherhood beyond masculine stereotypes, the male body, cyberbullying, and transmasculinity.

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