Beyond the Boundaries of Masculinity: Voices in Transition

How do transgender people interact with their social and cultural environment, from family to public spaces? This episode explores gender transition through a variety of personal experiences that challenge the binary construct.
27 June 2023
series [{"user_id":"1473","role":"Editing & Mixing"},{"role":"Music","user_id":"2941"},{"role":"Illustration","user_id":"2939"}] https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/06/Podcast-Borjouliya-S03-Ep5-Au-delà-des-normes-masculines-Les-voix-de-la-transition.mp3 Borjouliya | Épisode 5 : Au-delà des normes masculines : Les voix de la transition - برجوليّة | الحلقة 5 : الرجولة العابرة: رحلة تجاوز الثنائية الجندرية Épisode 5 : Au-delà des normes masculines : Les voix de la transition - الحلقة 5 : الرجولة العابرة: رحلة تجاوز الثنائية الجندرية
ما هي العلاقات التي تربط الهويات والأجساد العابرة بمحيطها الاجتماعي الثقافي، بدءًا بالعائلة وانتهاءً بالفضاء العام؟ تسعى هذه الحلقة إلى تقديم تصور شامل للعبور الجندري يجمع بين تجارب شخصية متعددة داخل أو خارج إطار الثنائية الجندرية.

Comment les personnes transgenres interagissent-elles avec leur environnement social et culturel, de la famille à l'espace public ? Cet épisode explore la transition de genre à travers une variété d'expériences personnelles en marge de la binarité.
Created by
Mohamed Triki
Editing & Mixing
Oussema Gaidi
Parlyz Heal
Malek Rhouma

Societies have always been deeply concerned with the duality of genders, recognizing only the classifications of "man" and "woman." They rely on biological sex as the primary factor to determine a person's gender identity, automatically assigning the pronoun "he" to individuals assigned male at birth and "she" to individuals assigned female at birth. However, it is possible that these pronouns assigned at birth do not align with a person's true gender identity or expression.

Transitioning involves moving from one place to another in order to reach a destination that suits and resonates with one's true self. The transition varies from person to person: some seek to embrace a different gender than the one assigned at birth, while others reject gender binary altogether and explore new forms and pronouns that reflect and affirm their diverse reality.

The fifth episode of the "Borjouliya" series explores gender transition. Through heartfelt conversations with our guests, we delve into their experiences of gender transition and explore key aspects such as the role of the body and its relationship with gender identity, the lived experiences of transgender people in public spaces, and transitioning beyond gender binary.

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"Borjouliya" is a Tunisian podcast that aims to deconstruct the concept of traditional masculinity in order to create a more appropriate and inclusive vision. It challenges common norms of masculinity and highlights the various dominant forms it takes in our daily lives.This third season of "Borjouliya" is a series of discussions bringing together life experiences, expert opinions, and specialists from various fields, addressing men's mental health, fatherhood beyond masculine stereotypes, the male body, cyberbullying, and transmasculinity.

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