Men's mental health

How long will society continue to stigmatize men's mental health? How does toxic masculinity create a gap between men and their emotions? Why do they not express their pain? To what extent do social gender norms contribute to mental disorders? In this Season 3’s first episode of "Borjouliya," we explore the relationship between the stereotypical image of masculinity and men's mental health, as well as its impact on the individual and their environment.
30 May 2023
series [{"user_id":"1473","role":"Editing & Mixing"},{"user_id":"2939","role":"Illustration"},{"user_id":"1540","role":"Editorial support & Production"},{"role":"Music","user_id":"2941"}] https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/05/Podcast-Borjouliya-S03-E1-Sante-Mentale-hommes.mp3 Borjouliya | Épisode 1 : La santé mentale des hommes - برجولية | الحلقة 1 : الصحة النفسية للرجال Épisode 1 : La santé mentale des hommes - الحلقة 1 : الصحة النفسية للرجال
Jusqu’à quand la société continuera-t-elle à stigmatiser la santé mentale des hommes ? Comment la masculinité toxique crée-t-elle chez les hommes un fossé avec leurs émotions ? Pourquoi ces derniers n’expriment-ils pas leurs douleurs ? Jusqu’à quel point les normes sociales de genre entraînent des troubles mentaux ? Dans ce premier épisode de la troisième saison de “Borjouliya”, nous explorons la relation entre l’image stéréotypée de la masculinité et la santé mentale des hommes, ainsi que sa répercussion sur l’individu et son environnement.

إلى متى ستظل الصحة النفسية للرجال حبيسة الوصم الاجتماعي؟ وكيف تخلق الرجولة السامة شرخًا بين الرجال ومشاعرهم؟ لماذا لايُصرّح الرجال بآلامهم؟ وإلى أي مدى تسمح المحددات الاجتماعية للجندر بمعاناة الرجال من الأمراض النفسية؟ نتناول في هذه الحلقة الأولى من الموسم الثالث من برجولية، العلاقة بين الصورة النمطية للذكورة والصحة النفسية للرجال، وانعكاساتها على الفرد ومحيطه.
Created by
Mohamed Triki
Editing & Mixing
Oussema Gaidi
Malek Rhouma
Editorial support & Production
Rym Amami
Parlyz Heal

Even when faced with psychological problems, many men adhere to a stereotypical vision of masculinity that compels them to "tough it out" and handle the situation on their own terms, often overlooking warning signs.

Others, conversely, make a conscious effort to challenge certain beliefs that prevent them from seeking therapy, denouncing practices that have influenced their upbringing and suppressed their emotions. However, social stigma persists, and these men and their narratives are subjected to negative labels and exclusion.

This first episode features multiple testimonies from men who openly share their personal journeys and the challenges they have faced in their quest for mental well-being. Clinical psychologist Sondos Garbouj delves into the shared aspects of their diverse experiences and explores the disconnection between masculinity and emotions, shedding light on the harmful consequences this dynamic can have on men's mental health.

This podcast also offers a platform to examine prevailing educational models that encourage men to solely rely on their own problem-solving abilities or adopt unhealthy coping mechanisms.

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"Borjouliya" is a Tunisian podcast that aims to deconstruct the concept of traditional masculinity in order to create a more appropriate and inclusive vision. It challenges common norms of masculinity and highlights the various dominant forms it takes in our daily lives.This third season of "Borjouliya" is a series of discussions bringing together life experiences, expert opinions, and specialists from various fields, addressing men's mental health, fatherhood beyond masculine stereotypes, the male body, cyberbullying, and transmasculinity.

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