Where were you on January 14?

Episode 9: Behind the Walls of the Interior

January 14, 2011. Malek is on Habib Bourguiba Avenue but has no idea of what's happening on the ground. He has been imprisoned for days in the Ministry of Interior holding cells. Malek, a young student and opponent of the Ben Ali regime, describes the cellars of the Ministry, the police violence and the notion of losing time. He sees dozens of demonstrators arrested, beaten and held like cattle, but he also hears the panic of the police, altercations, detonations. On January 18, he is finally freed and discovers a transformed country.

30 minutes



Where Were You on January 14? is a podcast series produced by Inkyfada. 

Over one year, in the lead up to the tenth anniversary of the revolution, Inkyfada looks back on the events of January 14, 2011 in Tunis, through the personal stories of individuals who lived it, offering an alternative documentation of contemporary history, based on various points of view.

These individuals bring us along as they retrace their experiences of this monumental day.


Bochra Triki
Oussema Gaïdi

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Monia Ben Hamadi


Hazar Abidi

Editing, sound desing, and mixing

Oussema Gaidi

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Bochra Triki


Ons Othmani
Bochra Triki
Yasmin Houamed


Marwen Ben Mustapha


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Aymen Jerbi

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