Where were you on January 14?

Episode 8: Trojan Horse

January 14, 2011. Haikel Hazgui - or "Nash", as his friends call him - flees from the authority of his family to confront the authority of Ben Ali's regime. Between Jebeniana, his hometown, and Tunis, he follows the actions of the revolt closely. In this episode, Nash recounts the "forgotten battles," such as that of Jean Jaurès, a few meters from Habib Bourguiba Avenue. Upon his return to Jebeniana, he also joins an unprecedented experience of self-management and participatory democracy, which came to fill the political void after the fall of power.

24 minutes



Where Were You on January 14? is a podcast series produced by Inkyfada. 

Over one year, in the lead up to the tenth anniversary of the revolution, Inkyfada looks back on the events of January 14, 2011 in Tunis, through the personal stories of individuals who lived it, offering an alternative documentation of contemporary history, based on various points of view.

These individuals bring us along as they retrace their experiences of this monumental day.


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