Implementing the Commons: Interview with Safouane Azouzi

In this third and final episode on the commons, we take a look back at the Green Lecture, a conference dedicated to the commons that took place on May 24. We then look at the experience of Safouane Azouzi, a Tunisian researcher and designer, who looks at local commoning practices, their origins and how they are being reappropriated by society. Finally, we discuss the political and societal aspects of the commons, and how these practices can ultimately benefit local organizations.
23 August 2023
series [{"role":"Sound Design","user_id":"1473"},{"user_id":"1363","role":"Illustration"}] https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Podcast-Les-Communs-Episode-3-Mettre-en-oeuvre-les-communs-Entretien-avec-Safouane-Azouzi-.mp3 https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/10/SRT-Commons-ep-3-eng.srt Les Communs | Épisode 3 : Mettre en oeuvre les communs : Entretien avec Safouane Azouzi - المشاعات | الحلقة 3 : مباشرة المشاعات : لقاء مع صفوان عزوزي Les Communs | Épisode 3 : Mettre en oeuvre les communs : Entretien avec Safouane Azouzi - المشاعات | الحلقة 3 : مباشرة المشاعات : لقاء مع صفوان عزوزي
Dans ce troisième et ultime épisode sur les communs, nous revenons sur la Green Lecture, conférence dédiée aux Communs qui a eu lieu le 24 mais dernier. Nous abordons ensuite l’expérience de Safouane Azouzi, chercheur et designer tunisien, qui s’intéresse aux pratiques locales de commoning, leurs origines et la façon dont elles sont réappropriées par la société. Enfin, nous évoquons l’aspect politique et sociétal des communs et comment les pratiques peuvent, à terme, être bénéfiques pour les organisations locales.
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Following the sixth edition of the Green Lecture, which took place on May 24, 2023 at the Cité de la Culture in Tunis in the presence of experts such as David Bollier, for this episode we invite Olfa Chebaane, from the Heinrich Böll Foundation, and Safouane Azouzi, a Tunisian researcher and designer specializing in the "Commons". Azouzi is interested in the relationships between design and socio-political issues, with particular attention to the perspective of the global South and to decolonial thinking in the field of design. 

The designer shares his experience of local practices and their relevance to the Tunisian context, the various living forms of the "Commons", and their ancient roots in Tunisian society. These practices, which have endured throughout history right up to the present day, remain alive and well thanks to solidarity and collective efforts.

This concept takes on a new dimension, offering a relevant approach to solving the ecological, social and economic crises facing humanity, and to building sustainable, resilient societies.

By focusing on the collective and equitable management of resources and the challenges they represent for governance, this concept offers a solid alternative to traditional models, encouraging cooperation and solidarity within society.

The Commons

Communities create rules and negotiate fair and practical ways of allocating benefits, and devising rules to protect their common wealth. These processes of commoning are based on shared purpose and trust within a community.Inkyfada, in partnership with the Heinrich Böll Foundation Tunis, has produced featured stories to shed light on commoning experiences in Tunisia. This podcast is part of the same partnership to promote this concept, including the book "Free, Fair and Alive" by David Bollier and Silke Helfrich serving as an additional avenue for understanding.

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