I'm Gabs!

This first episode of "L'byessa" propels the listener, without warning, into the daily lives of the protagonists, two "zatla" (cannabis) dealers. As we enter their story, the cloud of mystery that hovers over this obscure world begins to dissipate.
26 October 2021
series [{"user_id":"1473","role":"Sound Design"},{"user_id":"1545","role":"Sound Editing"},{"user_id":"1487","role":"Illustration"},{"user_id":"1548","role":"Translation"},{"user_id":"1495","role":"Subtitles"}] https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/Podcast-Lbyessa-EP1-.mp3 https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/lbyessaEP01_fr.srt https://inkyfada.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/10/lbyessaEP01_en.srt L'byessa | Épisode 1: Moi, c'est Gabs ! - لْبياسة | الحلقة 1: ڨبص في مخّي Épisode 1: Moi, c'est Gabs ! - الحلقة 1: ڨبص في مخّي Ce premier épisode de “L’byessa” propulse l’auditeur·trice, sans préambule, sur la route des deux protagonistes, dealers de zatla (cannabis). En partant à la découverte de leur quotidien, le nuage de mystère qui plane sur ce monde méconnu commence à se dissiper à cet instant. حلقتنا الاولى في "لْبياسة" تلوّح المستمع.ة، من غير مقدّمات، في طريق اصحابنا الزوز، لحّامة الزّطلة. بانطلاق رحلة اكتشاف عيشتهم كلّ نهار كيفاه، تبدا غمامة الغموض اللي محاوطة هالعالم المجهول تتسرّح بالشوية بالشوية من أوّل لحظة.
Created by
Hamza Ouni
Sound Design
Oussema Gaidi
Sound Editing
Achref Hammami
Tayma Ben Ahmed
Khawla Kammoun
Brahim Mzoughi

Smoking, dealing and getting away with it; the two protagonists alternate between these topics throughout their drunken discussions and late night conversations. 'The Mother' and her concern about the nature of their work often comes up in conversation, and weighs heavily on their consciences. 

Through childhood stories, expressing anxieties, talking about their aspirations and retelling anecdotes of encounters with the police, we slowly but surely get to know the two men.

 We discover the economic model of the neighbourhood drug dealers in more detail, as well as the different profiles of the clients, and which attitude to adopt with each type of personality.  

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L’byessa is an audio account of the raw and unfiltered modern-day life of two “Zatla” dealers in a neighbourhood of the Tunisian capital.Those who tune in will follow the epic and genuine adventures of two timeless characters, dealing drugs and daydreams to their fellow citizens, in a country where people no longer dare to dream big.

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What is L'byessa?

L'byessa exists everywhere, and everything exists in L'byessa. You will find all kinds of problems, lives are lost, you will witness blood and death in L'byessa. L'byessa brings together the wise and the foolish, the criminals, the murderers, and the saints.


Each person is responsible for their own actions

"Each person is responsible for the joint he rolls and smokes; ban the circulation of psychotropic drugs and make the zatla trade a pillar of the Tunisian economy..." These are the commandments of our protagonists.


Escape from reality

With this episode, we can conclude that fishing is a universal escape.


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