Covid-19 in Tunisia

From Quarantine to Confinement

It's early March, 2020. So far, there are only three reported cases of the Coronavirus, and life in Tunis is still carefree. Heythem attends a party and does not yet know that one of the other guests has been infected with the virus. The young man is later informed by his friends, followed by the Ministry of Health, and subsequently had to quarantine by himself and acclimate to a new way of life. 
02 April 2020
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Created by
Inkyfada Podcast
Bochra Triki, Hazar Abidi, Monia Ben Hamadi
Music, Sound Design & Mixing
Oussema Gaidi
Recording & Voice-Over
Hazar Abidi
Marwen Ben Mustapha
With the collaboration of
Yassine Kawana
Yasmine Perkins, Bilel Ben Romdhan

At a party with friends, Heythem is not yet aware of the fact that one of the other guests would later be recorded as "Case n°4" of the Coronavirus in Tunisia. She herself would find out the following day, and at the time the Ministry of Health imposed a two-week quarantine on anyone who had potentially been in contact with a confirmed case.

Between remote work and cleaning as a form of entertainment, Heythem tells his story of isolation, the uncertanties and fear of the unknown.

This individual experience would quickly develop into a what would previously have been an unimaginable contemporary collective experience. Shortly thereafter, the Tunisian authorities declared a national lockdown.

The office closed, the team was confined, and Inkyfada's work was met with the same challenges that faced many others in Tunisia during the Covid-19 pandemic.

How do you record, create or edit remotely? What is there even to talk about when the whole world is only focused on one thing? The team was forced to adapt.

Remote contacts, phone recordings, collective feedback compiled from individual homes, and of course connectivity problems... This make-shift episode serves as a way of telling, with whatever means at hand, an individual story that many others can identify with.


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