Where were you on January 14?

Episode 6: a Battlefield

May 13, 2020. Oussema, the sound engineer at Inkyfada, finishes the final details of the fifth episode of the series. He starts to share snippets of his January 14: the demonstrations that preceded, the awareness of the danger, the communal adrenalin rushes, the solidarity between comrades. Everything united against a single enemy - the police. Tunis was transformed into a battlefield, with its spoils of war, its trenches, its victories, its wounds and its victims. In this sixth episode, Oussema share his experience, while editing, mixing, and doing the sound design for his own story. 

22 minutes



Where Were You on January 14? is a podcast series produced by Inkyfada. 

Over one year, in the lead up to the tenth anniversary of the revolution, Inkyfada looks back on the events of January 14, 2011 in Tunis, through the personal stories of individuals who lived it, offering an alternative documentation of contemporary history, based on various points of view.

These individuals bring us along as they retrace their experiences of this monumental day.


Bochra Triki 
Monia Ben Hamadi


Hazar Abidi

music, editing, sound design, mixing

Oussema Gaidi


Bochra Triki


Bochra Triki
Monia Ben Hamadi
Roua Khlifi
Yasmin Houamed


Marwen Ben Mustapha


Malek Khadhraoui


Aymen Jerbi

With the collaboration with

Yassine Kawana and the entire Inkyfada team.