#EnaZeda | Beyond the Stories, A Political Act

A member of parliament is caught masturbating in front of a high school, photos of the incident are widely shared on social media, and the Tunisian branch of #MeToo is born. The #EnaZeda (literally: "Me Too") movement creates a space for thousands of individuals across the country to break the silence held up by patriarchal norms. With this audio documentary, Inkyfada takes a look at the political aspect of the movement, alongside the personal stories that brought it to life.
26 December 2019
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Created by
Inkyfada Podcast
Monia Ben Hamadi, Bochra Triki
Bochra Triki, Hazar Abidi, Monia Ben Hamadi, Hortense Lac
Editing and Voice-Over
Bochra Triki
Sound Design and Mixing
Zein Abdelkefi
Deena Abdelwaheb
Hazar Abidi, Hortense Lac, Haïfa Mzalouat, Aymen Jerbi
Marwen Ben Mustapha

"# EnaZeda, beyond the stories, a political act" closely follows the spontaneous movement of liberation in speaking out against sexual harassment and abuse: " EnaZeda" (literally " MeToo" in Tunisian).

In October 2019, photos of a member of parliament masturbating in his car while watching a girl in front of her high school circulated widely on social media networks. Following this event, a wave of Tunisian women decided to break the code of silence surrounding the sexual harassment and abuse that they routinely have to go through.

The #EnaZeda movement was born, tongues began to wag, and slowly but surely, the testimonies multiplied. These testimonies were no longer limited to sexual harassment public spaces, but also in the private sphere: at work, at school and especially at home.

For the first time, the voices of women have taken over the digital public space, demanding to be heard and to reverse the mechanisms of fear and shame imposed on victims.

The Inkyfada team has closely followed the inception of this movement, its growth and its transformation.

For the purpose of this audio documentary, about thirty women (assigned at birth or identifying as such) along with a few men, all gathered at the offices of inkyfada's to engage in a discussion about the movement. Some of them had actively participated as moderators of active groups or members of associations that supported the victim of the case that sparked the movement, while others participated with personal testimonies. They examined both traditional and innovative means of resistance, and expressed concern for a potential loss of momentum, and risk of appropriation. 

The issues discussed range from the impact of speaking out (both on the victims and the perpetrators), to the flawed justice system and police force, as well as the limitations for institutional civil society organisations to carry out this form of resistance.

The documentary is based on this discussion, touching upon the origins, ideas and principles of the movement, as well as hopes and questions for the future. The discussion is interspersed with various testimonies, some of which are anonymous, others not, as well as testimonies sourced from the Ena Zeda movement and read by members of the Inkyfada team.

Deeply committed to the feminist struggle, Inkyfada threw their hat in the ring with testimonies, analyses, viewpoints and doubts. We would like to take the opportunity to thank the women of Inkyfada (assigned at birth or dentifying as such), such as Bochra, Chayma, Haïfa, Hathemi, Hayfa, Hazar, Hortense, Khookha, Monia, Nedra, Raouaa, Yasmin and Zouhour.

Inkyfada Podcast would also like to thank all of the contributors in the production of this podcast, and all of the others who shared their experiences, insight or questions.


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