El-Kamour, A Desert Sit-in

During Ramadan, June 2017, in the heart of the desert: Raouf, Zoubeir, Ali, Tarek and their friends set up tents next to the El Kamour valve. After months of protests, they have maintained their essence: learning about democracy, solidarity in the struggle, and a single motto: "We won't give up".
10 June 2017
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جوان 2017، في شهر رمضان، أكثر من 40 درجة حرارة في الظلّ، في قلب الصحراء. رؤوف، زبيّر، علي، طارق وعدد من أصدقائهم دقّوا أوتاد خيامهم على مقربة من صمّام حقل البترول بالكامور. بعد أشهر من المفاوضات والمظاهرات، احتفظ هؤلاء المحتجّون المغامرون بشيء أساسي : تعلّم الديمقراطية، التضامن في النضال وطبعا كلمة السرّ المأثورة : الرخّ لا.
Created by
Inkyfada Podcast
Malek Khadhraoui, Kais Zriba
Monia Ben Hamadi, Kais Zriba
Montage and Mixing
Aymen Labidi
Marwen Ben Mustapha
Emna El Hammi
Malek Khadhraoui

120 km from the centre of Tataouine, at the edge of a desert area under military control, dozens of protesters are determined to brave the climatic conditions to demand their rights: employment and economic development of the region.

March 2017. The demonstrations, initially concentrated in small locations around the governorate of Tataouine, start to gain momentum. A general strike is announced. Near the oil pipeline, the protesters commence their sit-in, setting up tents and exerting pressure. They will not give up, determined to obtain due justice. Every day, they help each other out, cooking and organising, in solidarity under the starry sky. 

Occasionally, the campsite became a location for dramatic confrontations. On the morning of May 22, the National Guard surrounded the campsite and reopened the pipeline. The police commenced fire and launched tear gas. Suddenly, a security car reverses and runs over 23-year-old Anouar Sokrafi, who dies on the spot. The next day, hundreds of angry people attend his funeral. More than three years after his death, the National Guard has assumed no responsibility, and the accused have been dismissed.

After multiple visits and discussions with the government, an agreement was finally reached, which was symbolically signed by Anwar Sokrafi's father on June 16, 2017. However, this agreement remains delicate, and its implementation slow, and as the protests regularly regain momentum, they are always met with repression.

In this podcast, Inkyfada takes you through the last days of this unusual sit-in. Explore the entire El Kamour webdoc, including a photo reportage, contextual background material, as well as other podcasts that unveil the untold stories of El Kamour.


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