A new political order

From the fall of Ben Ali to the unexpected rise of Kaïs Saïed in September 2019, there’s no turning back for the Tunisian political system. After more than 50 years of dictatorship, the country's political class must answer to a population still waiting for change.

“Civil Society”, in the crosshairs of Kaïs Saïed

| 15 March 2022 | 15 minutes
Since 2011, Civil Society has waged many battles for human rights, justice and the democratic process. However, it has now been demonised by Kaïs Saïed, who is endangering the achievements of the past decade.

What does the sudden dissolution of the Supreme Judicial Council mean?

| 09 February 2022 | 10 minutes
In the middle of the night between February 5 and 6, 2022, President Kaïs Saïed announced the dissolution of the Supreme Judicial Council. What is the role of this institution and what does the dissolution mean? inkyfada takes a closer look.

Clean-up Campaigns: Reappropriating Public Space

| 26 October 2019 | 7 minutes

In Bab Dzira, at the heart of Tunis, the old street of Sidi Bouchoucha is undergoing  reconstruction. Part of the pavement is completely demolished and large potholes are abundant. But on this Sunday morning, October 20, 2019, the neighborhood is taking on a new face with dozens of residents outside determined to clean it. However, this one-off initiative is also symbolic of a wider event that is taking place across the country: the reappropriation of public space.

September 15, Images From the Fall of a System

| 19 September 2019 | 20 minutes
Sunday, September 15. Candidates, campaign teams, and activists are prepared for a long day. As the hours pass by and the sun begins to set, the mood in all but two campaign headquarters drops; the political newcomers emerge. A visual account of the day that saw the fall of a system, from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

An Election Campaign Haunted by Public Opinion Polls

| 13 September 2019 | 7 minutes
Since the beginning of the election campaign, public opinion pollsters have been prohibited from publishing their findings. However, they can still conduct private surveys for candidates wanting to know their popularity rates and readjust their platforms accordingly. What impact do these polls have and how are they used?

Legislative Elections 2014: Voting Day, in Pictures

| 27 October 2014 | 10 minutes
A look back at the legislative elections in Tunisia on the 26th of October