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Episode 4: a Police Station on Fire

14 April 2020 |
January 14, 2011. A house in La Goulette which serves as HQ for the Revolution, a dozen friends, and a protest to prepare for. At 11am, they head towards the city center. Separated for hours and after many twists and turns, they each find their way back to La Goulette. When they arrive, the police station next to their house is in flames, and the group reluctantly decides to put the fire out. More than nine years later, digitally connected across different countries, Ghazi, Marion, Virginia, Wissal, Boumjida, Tarek, Juliette, Hayder, Charlene and Harzalli remember this unforgettable day and night. In the midst of the COVID-19 epidemic, they also compare this current moment to the past.

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